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Are There Ways to Detect Urine in a Swimming Pool?

There are many myths surrounding how a pool owner can detect urine in their swimming pool. One popular myth is that there is a secret chemical pool owners put in their water that will change colour if somebody urinates in the swimming pool. Some pool experts believe this myth was told to children to get them to stop urinating in the swimming pool by allowing them to believe that their fellow swimmers would notice instantly. This chemical does not exist. If it did the chances of it disturbing your pool’s chemical balance is quite high.

Use the Secret Chemical Anyways

Although this chemical doesn’t exist, it doesn’t mean that parents and pool owners shouldn’t use the myth to their advantage. One pool professional suggests to just fake it. For parents facing this problem they can fool their children into thinking this magical chemical exists.

Here is how:

  1. Reuse an empty pool chemical bottle that is not clear. Red bottles tend to work particularly well.

  2. Just fill that empty pool chemical bottle with regular tap water.

  3. Before your kids go swimming, use this bottle. Add a few drops to your water.

  4. Channel your inner Academy Award winner and give them a speech about the bottle you’re holding, explaining it contains chemicals that will turn their urine a different colour, so everyone will know that they just urinated in the swimming pool.

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What happens if somebody still urinates in my pool?

The chemical trick won’t work on infants or toddlers, and even some children, even adults, will urinate in your pool. If the baby’s diaper breaks, or somebody else decides to use your swimming pool as a toilet, you are going to need to act immediately.

  1. First you need to get try to get it out of your water. As gross as it may seem, this is absolutely necessary.

  2. Make sure everyone is out of the water.

  3. Now you will need to shock your pool. Double up on the dose of your sanitizer (many pool owners opt for chlorine) to shock your pool. Run the pool overnight.

  4. You can resume swimming after the pool has been properly treated.

Urinating in one’s swimming pool should not hurt the pool’s chemistry, provided the pool owner has been regularly maintaining their pool with chlorine. offers the latest in cleaning technology, as well as shock solution.

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