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Safety Pool Covers: Which One Should I Choose?

There are many safety cover options out there on the market, and now that we are heading into the colder Canadian seasons, it can be difficult to choose the right one to suit your pool’s needs. The question remains: why are safety pool covers so important? Safety covers decrease maintenance costs by keeping your pool clean, trapping in heat (and absorbing solar heat), and reducing evaporation of the chemically-treated water. It can also help keep children and pets out of the pool. However, no matter the shape or style of your pool, a common question is whether to choose a mesh or solid safety cover. Each type of safety pool cover has their own unique characteristics: a mesh cover will trap falling debris and leaves, but allows rainwater and snow to seep into your pool. A solid cover will trap everything before it reaches your pool and provide complete resistance from UV rays. But since the water has nowhere to go, using a solid cover will require a pump to remove the water build-up. Pool safety cover for Canada pool Let’s take a look at each one in more detail:

Mesh Cover Advantages:

  • They are easier to maneuver and are lighter than a solid cover

  • Using a mesh cover will not require you to pump water off the cover as the water seeps through the cover, which makes this a more cost-effective option

  • There is less maintenance involved as the debris and leaves will dry when there is a rain break and the wind will blow the leaves off, which is perfect if you do not have much time for pool upkeep


  • You may need to drain the pool water every now and then so that your pool doesn’t overflow

  • If there is dirt and debris on your cover and it rains over top, the dirty water can collect in your pool

  • If you do not take proper care of your cover and pool, you may find the pool bottom to be discoloured when you take off the cover in the spring, which you will need to spend time cleaning

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Solid Cover Advantages:

  • Will seal out everything from your pool, including rain and snow, leaves, and other debris

  • This means you will have a clean pool when you take off the cover in the Spring, and there is no need to drain your pool water

  • However:

  • It is more expensive and more heavy than a mesh cover

  • You must pump the water off your cover every so often as it collects and has nowhere to drain to

There are also new “hybrid” covers that can help you manage your pool better. For example, there are double-mesh covers on the market that keep your pool cleaner but still let water seep through, reducing the amount of dirty water that flows into your pool. In addition, there are extremely tight solid covers that you can purchase that do not require a pump as puddles will not form on top of the cover. Whichever option you choose, your life will be made easier with an automatic pool pump that can drain your pool water (if you choose a mesh cover), or drain water off a solid cover. Now that you know the pros and cons of each option, it all comes down to your own preference, budget, and time allowance!

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