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How Do Natural, Plant Based Swimming Pools Work?

If you are looking for a non-chemically treated pool, look no further than a natural, plant based swimming pool. These swimming pools require zero chemicals for cleaning, as most models offer a section for swimming and a section for the aquatic plants that naturally clean your pool water. These pools are a great alternative for those with chemical or skin sensitivities. It sounds great, but many are left wondering how natural, plant based swimming pools work.

Let's take a closer look at how natural, plant based swimming pools work:

The Appeal

A natural, plant based swimming pool allows you to combine leisure and nature right in your backyard. By placing aquatic plants in your natural swimming pool, the pants work as cleansers, replacing the use of chemicals. These plants evoke a method of natural cleansing, similar to the process that occurs in lake water.

As a result of their growing popularity, a natural, plant based pool is more affordable than ever. Despite initially costing more to install, there is potential to offset such costs over time. By removing chemicals you will no longer have to deal with chemical maintenance issues, discoloured bathing suits, red eyes, sensitive skin, asthma, and all the other issues those harsh chemicals cause. Although it is popular belief that without chemicals your pool will attract mosquitoes, it is not true.

The Cleaning Process

The cleaning process uses a pump to draw water through a filter zone and UV filter to extinguish bacteria and algae. Cleaning systems vary based on model. Some filter zones will be filled with plants and a type of rock called haydite, that help healthy bacteria attach, whereas some may use copper and silver beads with trace amounts of chlorine. Your pool system will still contain a skimmer for what remains floating on top of the water, like leaves and other fragments. It is important to note that a true natural pool only relies on the aquatic plants for cleaning.

A few things to note about the filtering system:3332356200_3715ff8438

  • The filtering system in a natural pool relies on a pump to pump water through what is called the regeneration zone.

  • Water is filtered through this and a UV sterilizer, then pumped back out into the pool.

  • The aquatic plants work in hand with this system to cleanse the water.

  • Filtering with a pump remains an important aspect to the system to ensure absolute cleanliness.

It is important to continue to keep a delicate balance between plant life and overwhelming amount of algae. The idea behind keeping your natural pool chemical free is to remember that in order to produce cleanliness similar to a lake, the pool becomes its own ecosystem. By controlling various factors like hydraulics and hydroponics, you can maintain this delicate balance.

If you are in the market for a new pool it may be time to consider a natural, plant based model. If you look past the initial cost to install, the benefits are endless.

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