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Is the Dolphin Pool Cleaner the Best? |Types of Pool Cleaners

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A lot of people get a pool installed in their homes, only to find out that it requires actual maintenance and upkeep to stay squeaky clean like the ones in hotels or resorts. But that doesn't mean that keeping your pool clean year-long has to be an expensive or time-consuming task.

A good pool cleaner can help you save money, time, and precious water and reduce the need for chemicals. There are different types of pool cleaners. The Dolphin pool cleaner is typically considered to be a brilliant option, but is it the best one out there? Let’s dive in and find out!

How a Pool Water Circulation Works

Firstly, we need to understand the principles of pool water circulation to understand how cleanliness works in a pool. A healthy pool is one in which the water keeps moving around to allow the removal of dirt and prevent algae buildup. Your pool pump pulls water through the suction side and circulates it by passing it through a pool filter on the pressure side. Many pool cleaners make use of this circulation system.

Types of Pool Cleaners

Manual Pool Cleaners

Manual pool cleaners are the oldest and most affordable option on this list. They’re very effective when used correctly. The cleaner is made up of a manual vacuum attached to a telepole. You can then attach the tool to your garden hose or skimmer and start working.

It's a handheld device that you work around the pool yourself to clean it. It's very effective because you can reach all the corners you see, but the issue here is that it takes a lot of time and effort. Nothing is guiding the tool around the pool, and you have to do all the work yourself.

If you’re on a tight budget and don’t mind expending your energy, manual pool cleaners are good options. However, they’re not something we generally recommend.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

There are two main types of automatic pool cleaners. Each of them has its own unique benefits and drawbacks.

Suction Pool Cleaners

Suction pool cleaners are often dubbed as the automatic siblings of manual pool cleaners. In a similar fashion to their manual counterparts, suction cleaners attach to your pool’s skimmers and strain water through its filters.

However, the biggest difference is that you don't have to move them around the pool; it happens automatically. They're very economical and convenient to use.

Pools that face problems with small dust particles and other tiny debris will enjoy the services of a suction pool cleaner.


  • Cheaper than robotic cleaners, like the Dolphin pool cleaner.

  • Easy to operate and cheap maintenance.

  • There’s no motor, so you don’t have repair or replacement costs.

  • No extra electricity bills since it uses your pool’s existing suction system.


  • You will have to set it up for use every time and remove it once it’s done.

  • Not great for pools with just one skimmer as it will reduce skimming operations when in use.

  • The pump basket will fill up quickly, and you will need to clean it.

Pressure-Side Pool Cleaners

Pressure-side options are another automatic pool cleaner choice. They use the other side of your pool’s circulation system, which is the return water line.

You can hook them up to your return jet, and they will divert the water into three streams. One would be a thrust jet to allow the cleaner to keep moving and the second would be to use its sweeper tail to stir up debris from the pool floor. The third acts as a vacuum that sucks up debris.

Pressure-side pool cleaners do a fantastic job of removing medium to large debris like leaves, bugs, etc. A pressure-side cleaner can help extend the life of your pool filter.


  • Has its own filter bags.

  • Cleans thoroughly.

  • Doesn’t get clogged.

  • Long lasting.


  • More expensive than suction cleaners.

  • You have to clean filter bags regularly.

  • May need extra plumbing.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

The Dolphin pool cleaner falls under this category. Robotic cleaners are perfect for people who just want to relax with a glass of orange juice by the poolside while the cleaning happens for them. They might be more expensive than other options, but they’re also a lot more impressive.

Robotic pool cleaners, such as the Dolphin pool cleaner, are powered by electric motors and have their own filters and pumps. They're smart and independent workers!

They can move along every area of your pool, be it steps, corners, or walls. They'll automatically shut down once your pool is clean.


  • Removes almost all of the debris and germs.

  • Cleans corners easily.

  • Doesn’t need any supervision.


  • You have to clean the pump and filter.

  • Higher upfront cost.

  • Can’t eliminate larger debris.


All in all, the best pool cleaner for you will depend on your budget and needs, the kind of debris you want to clean, and how much you’re willing to work.

You can check out all of the options at the best prices with Discount Pool Supply and make the right choice today.

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