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How To Choose The Perfect Pool Safety Cover

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How To Choose The Perfect Pool Safety Cover

The moment we all feared is just around the corner, waiting with its gusty winds, falling leaves and eventually...snow and freezing temperatures. You’ll have to clean your pool, add winter chemicals and finally your last step; the pool cover. We’re gonna help you to find the right pool cover and save you some thorough searching.

During the rough season a safety pool cover is your best option, not only will it protect your pool it’ll also protect your kids, pets, debris and honestly anything from entering your pool during these months.

Pool safety covers: the Greek gods of pool covers

After you install your pool cover you can technically drive your car onto it, we don’t recommend spending your Sunday afternoons doing that, but whatever floats your boat...or your car. Keep in mind that every pool cover has different weight capacities, so use it for what its made for, meaning if a tree during a wild storm falls onto that pull cover, it can hold it up. It can as well protect your pool from animals trying to crawl in under.

Mesh safety covers: The lightweight dream

Mesh safety covers aren’t known for being lightweights for nothing, this will save your wallet from being a lightweight too since its much more affordable and can last for 15 years...longer than I can last with those nasty winters. Don’t let the lightweight fact trick you though, these bad boys can support thousands of pounds.

Suggestion: Safety Cover: Bronze Elite Mesh
How do mesh safety covers even work?

They are essentially designed to prevent any water from gathering on the top, basically creating a second pool over your pool. Its designed to let rain and melted snow go into your pool. Although the mesh is woven tightly enough to prevent any debris from entering your pool. Don't let the fact that water will enter your pool to stress you, the mesh will prevent sticks, leaves, bugs from being found at the bottom of your pool at spring.

Mesh covers have different regulations when it comes to sunlight and such, for example many have resistance to the suns destructive UV (Ultraviolet) rays, some others block as much up to 99% of the sunlight entering your pool. Sunlight is a critical ingredient for algae growth in your pool. The last thing you want is to transform your pool into a massive greenhouse for algae. Before closing the pool up for season, add an algaecide, it kills algae. It’ll be preventing algae from growing in your pool, and saving you a lot of work when you don’t even have to remove the cover.

Suggestion: Algi-free II-Opening Chemical 1L

Friendly tip, if you already have algae don’t close your pool yet!! If you close it your letting algae grow wildly leaving a surprise next season when you open up your pool again. Clean your pool, then close it off to the world for hibernation crystal clear.

Solid safety cover-the protection you’ve always wanted

As you now know that mesh covers let in minimal sunlight into your pool, solid

safety covers don’t let any sunlight in...Dracula’s sanctuary. This means that dirt buildup and algae growth and evaporation will be basically unheard of and very minimized. The cons of solid covers are that because lack of drainage can cause a puddle buildup on the top of your cover sitting there and can result in destroying your cover and cleaning it is almost impossible and can cause a draining hazard, which is sort of what we’re trying avoid here. So now you’re probably asking yourself “why would a solid cover be more expensive than a mesh one”, well the answer is that its probably because solid safety covers come with a water pump that you place in the middle of the cover which cleans up the whole issue, which is pretty cool. I hope I helped you out today, and I really hope that the cold seasons treat you and your pool fairly.

Suggestion: Hyward 2.5HP Super Pump Pool Cover Pump
Suggestion: Solid Safety Cover: Platinum Commercial

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