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Everything You Need to Know About Discount Swimming Pool Pumps

Choosing a swimming pool is only the start of the process for being able to swim safely this summer. A pool isn’t safe to use unless you have a pump installed. Still, water stagnates and collects debris, rapidly becoming a health hazard, not to mention unpleasant to swim in. The pump is what is responsible for moving the water around between your pool and filtration system. This includes pulling the water through the drains, pushing it through the filter, and back into the main pool. Your discount swimming pool pump should contain a special trap to catch hair and lint, which may otherwise clog up the filter if not caught. We appreciate that customers are trying to balance their budget wherever possible. Pool pumps are not particularly cheap. They are necessary for your swimming pool, though, so you should look for a discount swimming pool pump that’s right for you.

About Swimming Pool Pumps

Your discount swimming pool pump may be energy hungry. On average, a pool pump takes more power to run than anything else in the household, and can be responsible for 20% of your energy bill or even more. Swimming pool pumps are pretty much guaranteed to eat up a lot of power. The amount of power required depends on the speed the pump operates at. High-speed pumps will cost a lot more in energy than low-speed pumps. There are three main kinds of swimming pool pumps. Which one you choose should depend on variables such as the electricity costs in your area, and how long you will be running your pump for each year.

Single Speed

These are the cheapest swimming pool pumps you can buy. The operating cost is much higher than the other options, however. A single speed pool pump only runs at a single speed, meaning it can’t change flow rates (aside from being shut off). Single speed pumps are the definitive discount swimming pool pump, but the operational costs offset this to the point where you don’t end up saving much, if at all. The single speed the pump runs on is usually quite fast, as is sometimes required by most pools. Because of this, this type of pump is quite loud.

Dual Speed

This is still very much a discount swimming pool pump in terms of the price tag. A dual speed pump operates at two speeds, allowing you to adjust the speed based on what’s needed. On the lower setting, this pump is quieter and costs much less to operate. It may be problematic to try and change the flow rates precisely because this pump only operates at two distinct speeds. An additional controller or timer can help with operating it, but that has an extra cost associated.

Variable Speed

Variable speed pumps are the most expensive pumps upfront, but in the long run, they will save you more than any other discount swimming pool pump. This type of pump can operate at a wide range of speeds. This makes it very easy to change the flow rates to be exactly what them to be. A variable speed pump will keep the noise to an absolute minimum, as it can change the flow rate to precisely what is needed. The operation costs will be much lower than the other options for pumps.

Discount Swimming Pool Pumps | Discount Pool Supply Canada

At Discount Pool Supply, we know how to keep our customers’ pools running at the best prices in Canada. Our business is fully owned and operated in Canada, and we have over 40 years of experience serving the country with discount swimming pool pumps and other supplies. Our pumps are delivered right to your door, so there’s no need for you to worry about delivery. For your convenience, our store is fully online, so you can shop for the perfect discount swimming pool pump for your pool right from your home. Whether it’s a strong or smaller pump, you can be sure that our prices are the most affordable in the industry. Please feel free to contact us today to learn more.

● A pool pump is a very important piece of equipment that is required for your pool to be safe to use.

● Pool pumps come in multiple varieties. Each one has its own pros and cons, so make sure you educate yourself about which one is best for you.

● At Discount Pool Supply, we sell only the highest quality equipment at the most affordable prices in Canada.

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