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How Do I Clear My Cloudy Swimming Pool Water?

Cloud swimming pool water is a problem that plagues many pool owners at one time or another. To clear cloudy water can be a difficult and timely process. Understanding triggers which may affect water clarity is the first step into clearing your cloudy water.

There are three common culprits behind cloudy swimming pool water: the environment, your pool filter, and the chemicals you’re using. Environmental factors include weather, birds, construction, trees, gardens, sun, bodily fluids, and algae. Your pool filter may act as a culprit if it isn’t working properly or you’re not running it at least 8 hours a day, meaning the water is stagnant allowing it to become cloudy. If you’ve been using an excessive amount of pool chemicals, this may be why your water is cloudy. This can also happen after you shock your swimming pool. Just keep your filter running and it should clear up.

Now that you understand what causes cloudy swimming pool water, let’s take a closer look at how to bring some clarity to your water. There are three possible methods: use a pool clarifier, use pool floc, or use your filter and drain.

  • Pool water clarifier works to gather the tiny particles that cause cloudiness. The particles form together to allow you to pick it up with ease by essentially causing them to “clot” together.

  • Pool Flocculant (Floc) is great if you’re strapped for time. The flocculant will basically drown the particles that cause cloudiness and send them to the bottom of your pool. This means a huge cloud will land on the floor if your pool. Unlike a pool clarifier these particles will not clot together with floc, so you will have to manually vacuum the pool’s floor. You will lose a lot of water doing this, so make sure your hose is running water into your pool while you’re vacuuming. Note: automatic pool cleaners will just end up recycling these cloudy particles, which is why you must manually vacuum.

  • Using your filter system and bottom drain, you can clear your cloudy swimming pool water. You can do this by constantly stirring up the water to push cloudy particles to the top of the water (this can be achieved simply by swimming), or turning on the bottom drains. If you have an above ground pool that doesn’t have a drain, simply hook up your manual vacuum cleaner and just leave the vacuum at the bottom in the middle of your pool, upside down.

Cloudy water doesn’t have to plague your swimming pool. is here to help in the fight against cloudy swimming pool water. Visit us online today for a full list of products.

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