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Aquabot Xtreme Robotic Pool Cleaner

Spring is fast approaching, which means the swimming season is upon us. When it comes to cleaning your in-ground pools a robotic cleaner can be of great assistance. The Aquabot Xtreme Robotic Pool Cleaner is a great device for your in-ground pool. The Aquabot Xtreme Robotic Pool Cleaner works effectively on all types of in-ground pools like rectangle, lap, kidney, round, L-shape, and other in-ground swimming pool shapes. It also applies for all types of in-ground surfaces like vinyl, gunite, concrete and fiberglass. The model also comes with a full 1 year warranty.

An Independent System

The Aquabot Xtreme Robotic Pool Cleaner is a great system that works for you. The pool cleaner works without installation, without hoses, and without suction lines. You just plug the power supply into a grounded outlet and place vacuum into your pool, and it will begin doing the dirty work for you while saving you on chlorine use.

It works to clean your pool’s floors and partial walls independently thanks to the trademarked Never Stuck System. That means you can attend to other areas of your swimming pool while your Aquabot Xtreme Robotic Pool Cleaner works to clean your pool for you. Another great benefit is the 4 hour fixed timer, plus you have an option of adding on an external timer if needed. This allows you to let your pool cleaner work for you while you attend to other tasks.

Super Scrubbing Power

Once you open your pool, it means fighting against the usual environmental factors. The Aquabot Xtreme Robotic Pool Cleaner works to clean your pool effectively with energy efficiency in mind. The robotic cleaner works to clean 5400 square feet per hour, and mixes water at 70 gallons per minute. Therefore it has the ability to clean your pool in as few as two hours. The trademarked G-Tooth track system adapts to your pool’s walls, utilizing its better grip function to better reach edges, as well as those normally hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

One of the major benefits when it comes to fighting environmental debris with your Aquabot foamXtreme Robotic Pool Cleaner is the filtration system. The filtration system features a fine bag with bottom loading. It can clean debris and contaminants up to 2 microns, which is 20 times smaller than one could see with the naked eye. The vacuum works hand-in-hand with the filtration system to allow pool chemicals to be thoroughly distributed. These components work together to ensure that all debris and contaminants has been picked up.

Final Thoughts

Every pool owner has specific needs when it comes to cleaning their pool. Whether you’re looking for an independent system, an all-in-one system that combines cleaning and efficiency the Aquabot Xtreme Robotic Pool Cleaner works to clean your pool a thorough clean. Your swimming pool will look and feel clean as new. You can get your Aquabot Xtreme Robotic Pool Cleaner today at

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