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5 Steps To Choosing An Above Ground Pool

Summer is approaching, and now is the time to start considering what type of above ground pool is perfect for you, your family, and your backyard. Above ground swimming pools offer superior flexibility with various shapes and sizes to choose from. The process may seem overwhelming at first, but it can be broken down into 5 questions you need to ask yourself in order to find the perfect above ground swimming pool to suit all your needs.

1. Where is it going to go?

The first thing to consider is placement of the pool. Although above ground swimming pools are portable, selecting the location of the pool helps determine the size of the area you are working with. Are there any obstacles? Are there trees nearby? Roots can push up the liner or leaves in the pool. When selecting the placement area you should note:

  • The rule of thumb is to make sure there is at least 3-feet between the swimming pool and any surrounding structures. Take a walk around the perimeter of the potential placement spot to ensure this.

  • Make sure the ground is level.

  • Make sure pool will be placed on ground with no underground lines, septic tanks, cesspools, dry wells, tree roots or stumps, or debris underneath.

  • There are no overhead electrical wires

2. What size of pool will fit in this area?

above ground poolNow that you have selected and prepared for the pool's placement, you will want to measure the size of the area. This will help determine what range of sizes you are looking for. Keep in mind, when measuring the area, things like adding a deck or any additional landscaping to your backyard after the pool has been placed. Also remember that some above ground models will require additional supports, like buttresses, and may need up to three feet in addition to the size of the pool frame.

3. What shape and height do I want?

One of the best features of above ground swimming pools is the flexibility when it comes to selecting your model. Now that you have determined the size you're looking for, it is time to determine the shape. Various shapes include round, oval and rectangle. Heights typically  range from 48-54 inches. When it comes to choosing what is right for you, take into consideration the needs of those using the pool and assess what is best. Many with small children opt for a shorter height, whereas those who are looking for an affordable swimming option opt for the 54 inch model.

4. What material should I choose?

When considering the structure of your pool the two most common options are steel or resin. A steel pool has a structure made out of steel including the walls, uprights, bottom track, and top rails. A resin pool features steel walls, but the other elements of the pool is made up of heavy-duty plastic, also known as resin. Although the initial thought of a resin pool may be hesitation, they feature a vast amount of resin components that are corrosion-proof, thereby increasing longevity. As a result, resin pools are ideal for damp climates.

5. What is my budget?

Portable vynle pool in Toronto back yard

Understanding the factors that go into choosing an above ground pool will help you consider your budget. While there are several grades, various models in many shapes and sizes, knowing the components you're looking for in conjunction with a budget will help you determine this. As your budget increase and you get to the more higher end above ground swimming pools, the size of the top rail and verticals will increase in width. These pools often take up less yard space, not reliant on buttresses for support, giving it a more aesthetically pleasing appeal.  As well, as it is with many products, the more higher end models have a longer, more inclusive, warranty. Click here to start shopping for your above ground pool.

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