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Three Ways to Ensure Your Swimming Pool is Clean

Perhaps the best part of summer is spending hours and hours under the warm sun in the cool waters of a swimming pool. But, your pool can quickly loose its appeal if it hasn’t been properly cleaned and maintained throughout the year, making your summer not so enjoyable.

If you want to ensure you make the most of your pool this summer, you are going to want to be sure you clean it with three important weekly tasks. But, before you can perform any of these cleaning tasks you are going to have to have a functional telescopic pole which can reach all corners of your pool, ideally a 16 foot pole when fully extended.

Brush Your Pool! Just as you brush every inch of your teeth to avoid the buildup of plaque, you want to brush every inch of your pool with a pool brush to reduce the likelihood of algae growing in your pool. Attach a heavy duty vinyl brush to your telescopic pole and literally brush all of the surfaces of your pool twice a week. You want to be sure to get ladders, walls and all the corners of your pool to help brush away developing algae so that the chlorine in the water can eliminate it completely. Skim Your Pool! Skimming is a daily task of keeping your pool free of debris that lands in it, including bugs, leaves and dog toys, so that debris doesn’t settle on the pool bottom creating more work for you to clean later. In order to skim your pool quickly and easily, you will want to purchase a skimmer that attaches to your telescopic pole. Cleaning is rather simple when you choose a heavy-duty flat skimmer, versus a bag skimmer, as they are able to capture floating debris and can easily be shaken off outside of your pool. Crystal clear swimming pool Vacuum Your Pool! For the debris that happens to land in your pool and either is not skimmed out, or simply sinks to the bottom of the pool, vacuuming is necessary. Like an indoor vacuum, pool vacuums work to suck up debris and clean the bottom of your pool. Depending on your preference, and the amount of money you are willing to spend on a vacuum, you can choose between an automatic or manual pool vacuum. Automatic vacuums take the work out of having to physically clean your pool yourself each week, which many pool owners love. Automatic pool cleaners are a great investment and significantly reduce the amount of time and energy you will spend on pool maintenance. There are three different types of automatic vacuums that you will find on the market:

Manual vacuums are an inexpensive alternative to automatic pool cleaners and are simple to operate.  However it does mean that you physically must move the suction throughout the bottom of the pool rather meticulously. This can be a rather time consuming task to perform twice a week, especially if you don’t skim your pool daily. Don’t Forget To… Brushing, skimming and vacuuming aren’t enough to keep your pool sanitary and looking great either. Keep in mind that you are going to want to perform the following tasks regularly as well.

  • Clean your filters frequently (and keep debris away from them)

  • Keep your pool deck as clean as possible

  • Check chlorine levels often

Maintaining the health of your pool isn't necessarily an easy task but we offer many tools to help. All of the work and consistent care are well worth it to enjoy your pool whenever you and your family would like, especially on one of those hot summer days!

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