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  1. A Short Guide on Swimming Pool Filters

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  2. Pool Chlorine Guide: All You Need to Know

    Small swimming pool

    Swimming pool maintenance is by no means easy. It takes time and care to maintain a clean, safe and healthy pool. 

    Pool chlorine is a vital part of the swimming pool chemistry, and understanding it is essential for all pool owners. We won’t blame you for not being a pool chemist and not knowing all about this mysterious chemical. But that’s no excuse for not reading this guide and finding out all there is to know about pool chlorine. 

    What is Pool Chlorine?

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  3. The Ultimate Pool Chemicals Guide


    If you’ve recently bought a pool and installed it, you need to get your smart boy/girl hat on and get on top of all the pool chemicals.


    Because that’s what will let you and your family splash around without fear of any nasty germs making you sick. It will also keep your pool in pristine shape, with less need for expensive repairs. 

    If you want to know more about the importance of pool chemicals, keep reading!

    Why Are Pool Chemicals Important?

    It doesn't matter if you empty you

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  4. Is the Dolphin Pool Cleaner the Best? |Types of Pool Cleaners

    Dive board and pool

    A lot of people get a pool installed in their homes, only to find out that it requires actual maintenance and upkeep to stay squeaky clean like the ones in hotels or resorts. But that doesn't mean that keeping your pool clean year-long has to be an expensive or time-consuming task.

    A good pool cleaner can help you save money, time, and precious water and reduce the need for chemicals. There are different types of pool cleaners. The Dolphin pool cleaner is typically considered to be a brilliant option, but is it the best one out there? Let’s dive in and find out! 

    How a Pool Water Circulation Works

    Firstly, we need to understand the principles of pool water circulation to und

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  5. 10 Steps To The Pool Closing Season

    Pool Cover

    You may just be remembering the pool opening season like it was yesterday. If you are living in Canada, or some other place known more for their heaps of snow, rather than heaps of sunshine, you really need to appreciate the next month, or month and a half left before the closing of the pool season. Even if you haven’t been able to do so yet, we recommend taking a few plunges in your backyard pool before it gets too late.

    This is the best time that you need to start seriously preparing towards winterizing and closing your pool. Especially for those in Canada, that are familiar with weather patterns, winter can come sooner than you think, and you don’t want to get caught by a snowstorm complicating and adding more work to your pool closing session.

    Now that you have decided on this, it’s time to start visualizing the steps f

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  6. How To Fix Cloudy Pool Water

    Cloudy Pool Water

    There’s nothing like a hot sunny day and…wait, yuck…cloudy pool water?! If your pool water has gone cloudy, fear not, because we are here to get you back to clear.

    To correct cloudy pool water, you need to determine the cause. This requires some light detective work. It could be sanitizer depletion caused by too much natural debris (like sweat, sunscreen, make-up, or urine) or simply UV rays breaking up your chlorine. If your pool is green and swamp like, you probably have an algae problem. Cloudy water could mean it’s time to repair or replace your filtration equipment. It could be due to high pH levels or even temporary cloudiness from regular shocking.


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  7. The Benefits of Switching to a Salt Water Pool and How to Do It Yourself


    You might have heard about Salt Water Pools gaining popularity in the last few years. That’s because salt water can help your skin stay soft and smooth, your eyes stay clear, and can even lower the cost of chemicals.

    So can you just pour some kitchen salt in your pool and call it a day? Ah, if only. But once you’ve put in the effort to convert your pool to a saltwater pool, you’ll find the maintenance is actually lighter on your pool and wallet.  

    So let’s bust the biggest myth about salt water pools.

    Salt water pools do in fact contain chlorine. The salt works in combination with chlorine to sanitize the water. Salt water pools use what’s called a Salt Chlorine Generator

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  8. Top 5 Robotic Pool Cleaners

    Robotic pool cleaner cleaning pool

    A robotic pool cleaner is the top of the line cleaning tool for your pool care routine. Now, we know some of you out there are thinking, “but I like cleaning my pool, it’s part of summer”. That’s just something you’ve been telling yourself because you’ve never experienced the game changing wonder of a robotic pool cleaner. Get ready to lose the hoses, skip the spot cleaning, and avoid the hassle of suction-side or pressure-side cleaners.

    If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your pool cleaning routine with a robotic pool cleaner, look no further. Your dream of sitting back while your pool cleans itself is about to come true. But with so many options and features, how do you know which one is best? We’re breaking down the most common questions and recom

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  9. 6 Chemicals you need to open your pool

    Pool opening season is almost here and it will be soon time to prepare your backyard pools for the upcoming pool season. The most technical part of the pool opening is the addition of chemicals into the swimming pools in the right quantity. Though knowledge of basic chemistry helps, the usage of pool chemicals at the end of the day is a simple following of basic rules governing pool opening.

    So, there are 3 chemicals for pools that will definitely be needed for your pool opening and 3 chemicals that will be conditional given certain conditions for the water presently in your pools.

    Here is the complete list and guide on how to use them.

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  10. Why Is My Pool Green and How do I Fix It?

    So, you wanted to go swimming but your pool had other plans? Not to worry, green pool water is common and can be easily corrected in a few day’s time.

    Green pool water comes from algae growth. It’s not going to turn you into a mutant, but you definitely don’t want it in your pool.

    Algae is a plant that thrives in warm, sunny weather. It can go from microscopic, to light green, to deep green overnight. When the pool’s sanitizer levels are too low, algae has an opportunity to thrive. This situation can be created by a chemical imbalance or lack of chlorine so it’s important to test your water regularly.  When chlorine levels drop below 1ppm it creates a fertile environment for algae to grow.

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