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  1. Napoleon Vs Weber Grill Wars

    barbecue bbq

    The war between Weber and Napoleon grills has been going on for quite awhile now with Napoleon Grills working extra hard to overpass the grill giant in the industry, Weber. This can mean a lot of good stuff coming from Napoleon meaning they’re working harder and making prices cheaper to beat Weber. Even though for now it seems like Weber is winning. You can buy a Weber that’s better than any given Napoleon grill, they are on the downside (of your wallet) very expensive. We’re gonna get down to which grill is gonna make it to your backyard pool parties or family or friend reunions.

    Napoleon Review

    Napoleon was founded in Ontario in the 1976, the name “Napoleon” only came around at 1981 and since its become known worldwide for its high-end wooden stoves. Below we dropped one of their models


    This b

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  2. How To Choose The Perfect Pool Safety Cover

    discount pool cover

    How To Choose The Perfect Pool Safety Cover

    The moment we all feared is just around the corner, waiting with its gusty winds, falling leaves and eventually...snow and freezing temperatures. You’ll have to clean your pool, add winter chemicals and finally your last step; the pool cover. We’re gonna help you to find the right pool cover and save you some thorough searching.

    During the rough season a safety pool cover is your best option, not only will it protect your pool it’ll also protect your kids, pets, debris and honestly anything from entering your pool during these months.

    Pool safety covers: the Greek gods of pool covers

    After you install your pool cover you can technically drive your car onto it, we don’t recommend spending your Sunday afternoons doing that, but whatever floats your boat...or your car. Keep in mind that every p

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  3. 9 Ways to Make Your Pool Eco-Friendly

    9 Ways to Make Your Pool Eco-Friendly

    If you know anything about pools you’d know that pools are just massive tubs marinating you in chemicals (that can harm you and the eco-system around you) Why not have a good time swimming and protecting the natural environment we live in...its basically multitasking. Chlorine if exposed to urine or sweat can become a dangerous chemical that can have the power of damaging your lungs, eyes and nervous system or even change blond peoples hair from blond to green, so we figured why not do the opposite and make your pool in your backyard green, so we present to you 11 ways to make your pool more eco-friendly.

    1. Put less chemicals in your pool

    People commonly think that chlorine is the only harmful thing to our environment we put in our pool, but that’s honestly incorrect, don’t get me wrong it is important to have an

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  4. Pool Cleaner

    You’re probably wondering why it would be necessary to clean your pool when you use other sanitizing chemicals such as Chlorine and such, we’ll help answer that question.

    When you’re washing your hands you use soap which is a cleaning agent for your hands, but it doesn’t exactly do the job of cleaning the surface or the sink as other chemicals and cleaning agents made for that particular purpose, after awhile you’ll begin to see a build-up of disgusting things that definitely shouldn’t be growing on the surfaces of your sink and eventually mold will join in on the party as well, next thing you know your dishes will be swimming in a marsh and that’s not the most appetizing thing, which can result in health hazards. The same case applies to your pool; Chlorine and Bromine might help to a certain degree, but it will definitely not help leaves, insects and scum from getting in your

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  5. Convert Your Chlorine Pool To Salt Water

    Why would a salt pool be better than a chlorine pool?

    If you’re reading this right now you’re most likely contemplating on converting your chlorine pool into a little Dead Sea in your backyard, which is as cool as it sounds. Here’s little brief explanation as to why a salt water pool might be safer and more convenient than your boring chlorine pool. Even though chlorine pools have been around since the 1970’s they have only recently started to gain popularity due to its lower prices to upkeep them. Salt water is as well way healthier for your hair, eyes and makes you have softer skin and only by its name you can tell salt water is healthier and kicks chlorine waters ass. So if you read this far I’m assuming you’re rather convinced and you’d like to take advantage of all these benefits. Now the conversion itself isn’t as hard as it sounds like so you’re in luck, and we got y

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  6. Free Public Pools in Toronto

    I went swimming in an outdoor lawrence heights community centre recently. I was expecting the worst for every good reason. This pool is rated a "C" in the city government website. It was nice sunny day and in a crowded housing project. I thought it would be really crowded. It turns out everything was actually nice. The facilities were clean and functioning. The water was clear and perfectly warm. Even my bike wasn't stolen while i was swimming.
    see City of Toronto website pool rankings.

    But yes there are plenty of good reasons to get your own pool.
    A Canadian study by the University of Alberta showed that there is an average of 75 litres of urine are found in the regular size public swimming pool. If you thought the professional Olympic size pools were any better you are mistaken. Then there are smaller more obvious reasons to have your own pool like: hours/life-guard,

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  7. Everything You Need to Know About Discount Swimming Pool Pumps

    Choosing a swimming pool is only the start of the process for being able to swim safely this summer. A pool isn’t safe to use unless you have a pump installed. Still, water stagnates and collects debris, rapidly becoming a health hazard, not to mention unpleasant to swim in. The pump is what is responsible for moving the water around between your pool and filtration system. This includes pulling the water through the drains, pushing it through the filter, and back into the main pool. Your discount swimming pool pump should contain a special trap to catch hair and lint, which may otherwise clog up the filter if not caught. We appreciate that customers are trying to balance their budget wherever possible. Pool pumps are not particularly cheap. They are necessary for your swimming

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  8. 3 Tips for Picking an Above Ground Swimming Pool That Suits Your Need

    Above ground swimming pools are often thought of as a luxury that the average person can't afford. When you think of a home swimming pool, you might picture a large hole in the ground, with an expensive liner, and a lot of expensive equipment. You probably haven't considered an above ground swimming pool. This type of pool cuts out the need for any kind of excavation and tends to be easier and cheaper to maintain than an in-ground pool. Above ground swimming pools can also easily be made to fit in the aesthetic of your yard. When choosing a swimming pool, you want one that fits your budget, but will not fall apart quickly. If your pool is cheap but will require expensive maintenance frequently, you aren't saving any money. But how do you tell if a pool is worth buying? Here are some things you shoul

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  9. 5 Above Ground Swimming Pool Equipment and Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

    Spring is here, and the weather is finally warming up. It’ll soon be time to open up your swimming pool for the year. This is best done sooner rather than later to avoid problems such as algae buildup. Chances are, you will need some new above ground swimming pool equipment to repair any problems that have occurred over the winter. Generally, even a properly winterized pool will have some issues after winter. There are a few things you need to check on, and some repairs you may need to do. Different problems require different tools, and it is important to know what equipment is needed. Here are five important steps to take when opening your pool.

    1. Clean up the Mess

    Now that the snow has melted, you will probably see some branches, leaves, and

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  10. 5 Tips on how to Install that Swimming Pool Liner You’re Looking At

    A pool liner is a very important part of your pool. Unfortunately, liners tend to be a bit expensive, so it’s a good idea to find a competitively priced discount swimming pool liner. However, just because you’re trying to save on your budget doesn’t mean that you should compromise on quality. After all, the liner is effectively the walls and floor of your pool. Its durability, color, and style define your pool. Here are a few tips to consider when deciding on your next pool liner.

    1. Durability

    The gauge of a pool liner is the thickness of the liner. Usually, a 20 MIL gauge is the standard for above ground pools, and 30 MIL is used for in-ground pools. The thicker the gauge, the longer the pool liner will last, so it’s very important to choose carefully to balance both durability and your b

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