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A beautifully designed salt-water friendly pool with a look inspired by nature.

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Silver Sea

Enjoy a high quality, durable, salt water friendly pool with a nature inspired silver pattern that brings an instant shine to all backyards. Corrugated pool wall provides flexibility and vertical strength while a staggered bolt wall closure ensures maximum wall stability. Prepunched skimmer and eyeball return openings eliminate edges that could cut the pool liner, streamlining installation. The steel frame and wall is the strongest material, with corrosion resistant hot-dipped galvanized bearing steel. Silver-toned resin top connectors create a seamless sophisticated look.

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why resin?

Best Of Both Worlds Resin parts are not susceptible to rust or corrosion, making resin a fantastic material for a long lasting, durable above ground pool. Combined with the natural strength of steel walls, resin resists denting, warping, and wear and tear from regular enjoyment of your pool.

Maximum Strength Resin pools are really hybrid pools, using resin for most areas of the pool, especially areas with high usage with steel walls for durability. Steel is the heaviest and most solid of all pool building materials, perfect to withstand thousands of gallons of water pressure and resistant to deformation all while being a good value material.

Long Lasting InvestmentResin parts are more expensive to produce but will withstand the harsh sun, rain, wind, and swimmers climbing in and out of the pool. Resin is designed for the elements and regular pool use and is built to last longer than its metal counterparts. A pool with more resin parts will look better for longer and need less maintenance and repairs over time.

Steel Resin Above Ground PoolWhy resin pool

Compac Saver

  • For Oval shape, support system is easy to install with one part design

  • Stronger installation and more attractive appearance

  • Takes up less space than traditional systems

silver sea above ground pool wall

Decorative Wall and Matching Rail

  • Silver-toned premium resin top rails and connectors

  • Decorative wall adds beauty to the backyard

Resin Rails

  • Coated stabilizer rails provide an extra layer of protection against corrosion

  • Premium resin bottom rails

  • Long lasting minimal maintenance pool life

Vertical End Caps

  • Top and bottom vertical end caps

  • Powder coated for additional protection against deterioration

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