Pure Pool Plus-Natural Choice Chemical 2L 1688477

Pure Pool Plus-Natural Choice Chemical 2L

Phos-Out 1L Phosphate Removal 611477

Phos-Out 1L Phosphate Removal

Pool Rescue-Natural Choice Chemical 2L 1688479

Pool Rescue-Natural Choice Chemical 2L

Pure Pool Plus-Natural Choice Chemical 2L

Pure Pool Plus makes weekly pool maintenance quick and easy. Pure Pool Plus has all of the benefits of Pool Protect-All and Phos-Out put into one easy to use product. Pure Pool Plus helps remove phosphates and reduce chemical orders. Algae feed on phosphates, which can get into a pool constantly. In order to kill algae and prevent its growth, it's necessary to remove phosphates from your pool water so that the algae cannot keep feeding on phosphates. Pure Pool Plus will keep your pool water cleaner, softer and smoother, and will make your pool maintenance routine easier.
Key Features:
  • Removes phosphates that algae feed off
  • Helps clean filters and reduces filter cleaning cycles
  • Reduces chemical odors, waterline rings and eye irritation
  • Formulated for use with salt cell units!
  • Improves the effectiveness of all sanitizers
  • Eliminates bathtub ring caused by body oils, suntan lotions, etc.
  • Natural alternative to harsh pool chemicals
Directions for use:
  1. Add Aqua Coastal Pure Pool Plus weekly at a rate of 118mL(one capful) per 40,000 L for routine maintenance.
  2. For higher bather loads, double or triple doses can be used alternatively.
  3. If orthophosphate levels exceed 1000ppb, uses Aqua Coastal Phos Out to drop the level down and then use this product to maintain the levels.
  4. If the pool is currently cloudy or has heavy waterline build-up, use Aqua Coastal Super Clear before using this for maintenance.
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