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Jandy 1 HP 2 Speed Flo Pro Inground Pump

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Compact, Versatile, Powerful FloPro is designed with an innovative adjustable base, allowing for simple installation on new construction, or quick and easy replacement of existing pumps. With the FloPro, minimal plumbing adjustments are required, thereby enabling cost effective pump replacement


  • Adjustable base allows for easy direct replacement of Hayward® Super Pump® or Pentair® WhisperFlo® and SuperFlo® pump.

  • Ergonomic Cam-Lock lid with easy alignment indicators.

  • Equipped with 2” unions.

  • 5" basket

  • 230V

  • Unions included


FHPM.75CND0.75230/1155.4/10.82"-2.5"40.6 lbs25 3/16"
FHPM 1.0CND1.0230/1157.1/14.22"-2.5"41.2 lbs25 3/16"
FHPM 1.5CND1.5230-1158.0/16.02"-2.5"42.6 lbs25 1/2"
FHPM 2.0CND2.0230/11511.2/22.42"-2.5"54.6 lbs27 3/16"
FHPM 2.5CND2.523011.52"-2.5"48.6 lbs26 3/16"
FHPM 1.0-2CND1.02307.1/2.32"-2.5"46.5 lbs26 5/16"
FHPM 1.5-2CND1.52308.0/3.02"-2.5"48.0 lbs26 9/16"
FHPM 2.0-2CND2.023011.2/3.52"-2.5"52.9 lbs27 11/16"

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