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Keeping Algae Out of Your Salt Water Pool

Do you have algae in your salt water pool and can't get rid of it?

Though the differences between chlorinated pools and salt water pools is not immense, the way that a salt water pool owner tackles algae is extremely different. So, if you own a salt water pool, you are going to want to learn how to treat algae problems and how to keep algae out of it in the future.

Shocking Your Pool to Treat Your Algae Problem

While the process of super chlorination should be routine monthly care for your salt water pool, in order to treat your algae problem entirely you are going to want to shock your pool. The following steps will help you shock your pool:

  1. Test the pH of your water – Test the pH of the water in your pool, or take a sample to your local pool store, to ensure the alkaline levels are right. Remember that a normal pH is between 7.4-7.6 and that alkalinity levels should be between 120-150 parts per million. The proper balance of your water will ensure that your shock is fully effective.

  2. Determine the type of algae – Take a look at the color of your pool, as this will help to give you insight as to the type of algae you are battling. Depending on the type of algae this could change your shock approach.

  3. Brush the surfaces within your pool – Because algae can cling to the walls and floor of your pool, you are going to want to use a quality pool brush to break it apart. This will make your chlorine shock more effective, but be sure to scrub around ladders and steps too.

  4. Add shock to your pool – Add a bag of shock to your pool for every 10,000 gallons of water it holds. You are going to want to add shock at night and keep the pool running for more than eight hours to ensure that the water fully circulates through the pool.

If after a shock your pool is still dark green you might have to shock it two more times to eliminate algae. If your pool is still black after a shock, you might have to shock it three more times for complete elimination.

What to Expect After a Shock

In order to determine whether or not your shock has worked to help eliminate the algae from your pool, you simply have to look at the water again. The next day after a shock has been completed you should see blue cloudy water in your pool. This is validation that the shock worked and that the algae are dead. You can let your filter clean out the water from this point, which may take a day or so. You can swim in this water if you desire as the movement will help to eliminate the particles, causing the cloudiness, faster. If you find that the water of your pool is still green and has not turned cloudy blue after a few times of shocking your pool, there may be other issues affecting the success of your shock, including:

  • Unbalanced pool water prior to a shock

  • Shocking at the wrong time of day

  • A shut off filter during shock treatments

Make sure each of these areas is addressed to get the most success from your shock treatment. beautiful clear swimming pool Toronto

Preventing Algae from Coming Back

Shocking your pool can be tough, so in order to prevent the return of algae in your salt water pool you are going to want to make sure it is consistently balanced and kept clean. Take a look at some of the ways you can help to prevent algae from coming back and invading your pool.

  • Run your pump consistently for up to 12 hours during swimming season

  • Brush and vacuum your pool on a regular basis

  • Make sure your sanitizing levels, pH and alkalinity are within correct range at all times

  • Shock your pool weekly

  • Maintain clean pool equipment and pool toys

Keep algae out and enjoy your salt water pool Algae doesn’t have to be the reason you stay out of your salt water pool this season. Take care of your big green problem and start enjoying the water! Have questions about maintaining your salt water swimming pool?  Feel free to contact us here, we're more than happy to answer any questions you may have about caring for your salt water pool. Discount Pool Supply is the online leader when it comes to swimming pool supplies in Canada.  We offer free shipping across Canada on hundreds of pool and spa products.

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