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How To Keep Bugs Out Of Your Swimming Pool

When it comes to keeping your pool clean you have to fight against a variety of factors, including environmental factors like bugs. Typically there are two types of bugs that are prone to swimming pools. Water Boatmen are oval in shape. They are attracted to your pool because they love to eat algae, mosquito larvae, and other micro organisms. Watch out, because these bugs will lay eggs in the pool algae. If your pool is prone to bugs, a more common species prone to pools are Back Swimmers. These are the thin little critters that skim across the pool's water. Although they will eat other bugs, including Water Boatmen, they also eat and lay eggs in algae. Plus they will bite! To rid your swimming pool of these bugs and prevent their return there are a few measures you need to take. Let's take a look at what to do:

1. Shocking Your Pool

The number one thing these bugs have in common is that they eat and lay their eggs in algae. You must cut off their food supply and nesting spot by removing algae from your swimming pool. To do this you must shock your pool. It is recommended that to sufficiently eliminate algae and prevent the return of the pests, you should actually double shock your pool. What you'll need:

  • 2 1-pound bags of chlorine shock/10,000 gallons of pool water

  • 5 gallon bucket

  • Rubber gloves

  • Safety goggles

  • Stirring Stick

Pool Chemistry Oxidation Before you get started make sure to add your chemicals at dusk or night in order for them to be effective. Make sure your pool is running and you are dressed in old clothes, as splashed up shock formula can bleach your clothes. Make sure you are wearing your rubber gloves and safety goggles before you start using the chemicals. How to shock your pool:

  • Fill your 5 gallon bucket with water and add half a pound of shock formula then stir with your stirring stick.

  • Pour your bucket all over the pool and affected areas.

  • Repeat until you are out of shock solution.

  • Let your pool run for 8 hours overnight.

  • The following morning scrub and vacuum the lining of the pool.

2. Killing the Remaining Bugs

For this you will need a bucket with a lid. Next fill it with water and pour cooking oil into it. The combination will result in the oil floating to the surface of the water. Using your pool skimmer just skim the remaining bugs into the bucket and place the lid on it. By the following day the bugs should have died. Once they have dispose of the water. This will aid in preventing their return.

3. Continued Maintenance with an Algae-Fighting Solution


All in all it is important to continue regular maintenance on your swimming pool to prevent algae and all the problems that come with it, including bugs. Regular swimming pool maintenance will help fight against environmental factors that affect your pool's cleanliness.If you notice that algae is behind the infestation of pests in your pool provides many algae-fighting solutions to help.

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