Festival Above Ground Swimming Pool



5” Top Rails

A modern all-aluminum pool for top value, strength, and long-lasting enjoyment.

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An all aluminum solid structure, including wall, with painted aluminum bottom tracks and stainless steel fasteners. Finished with slip-resistant coping and top and bottom clips made from extruded aluminum.

why aluminum?

Corrosion Resistance. Because of its chemical composition, aluminum pools stand up to rust and corrosion caused by soil, minerals, water and pool chemicals.
Total ReliabilityAluminum is widely used across industries. It’s the material of choice for airlines, cars and most construction. Fighter jets, skyscrapers, scaffolding and bridges also rely on aluminum.  
Incredible StrengthAluminum is twice as strong as steel, and even stronger compared to resin. When it comes to retaining the pressure of thousands of pounds of pool water, aluminum construction is always up to the challenge.

decorative wall

Garden Villa Wall Pattern

Delta 3000 Oval Support System

  • Oval pools only

  • Incorporates aluminum tie bars and a water plate

  • Provides exceptional structural integrity for oval pools

  • Clean look without need for buttresses

  • Engineered to ensure maximum swimming area for minimal space

Ledge Cover and Top Rail

  • Elegant two piece ledge cove

  • Extruded aluminum top ledge for superior strength

  • Rust and corrosion resistant

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