Vinyl Liner Cleaner-Opening Chemical 156

Vinyl Liner Cleaner-Opening Chemical

Pool Protect All Opening Chemical 129

Pool Protect All Opening Chemical

Saline Protect-All-Specialty Pool Chemical 1L 611473

Saline Protect-All-Specialty Pool Chemical 1L

Vinyl Liner Cleaner-Opening Chemical

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Vinyl Liner Cleaner helps remove harmful residue and degreases the liner of your pools!
  • Removes the "Bathtub ring"
  • This liner cleaner comes with a convenient spray handle.
  • Easy to use - Simply apply and wipe off.
  • Ideal for vinyl and acrylic surfaces.
  • 1L/1qt
The beautiful appearance of sparkling, well-kept, swimming pool water is often marred by ugky 'bathtub ring' at the water line. AQUA VINYL LINER CLEANER was formulated after extensive testing to effectively remove this stubborn stain.
Directions for use:
  1. It is best to clean the 'ring' when the water level is somewhat below the darkened area. Test small area first.
  2. For stubborn and difficult soils, spray AQUA VINYL LINER CLEANER directly on a scouring sponge and clean the liner following instructions in number.
  3. For mild soils, dilute one part with 4 parts water.
  4. Soak a sponge type scouring pad in the solution and scrub the liner using an even, steady pressure. Clean approx, 2 or 3 feet ata atime rinsing the cleaned area with a clean, damp rag as you go.
  5. AQUA VINYL LINER CLEANER is an all around maintenance cleaner that effectively removes dirt and oily or greasy soils from almmost any hard surface. For example Solar Blankets, Winter Covers, Water Bags, VInyl Seats, Patio furniture and BBQ's.
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