Unicel Filter Cartridge C-4310 82493

Unicel Filter Cartridge C-4310

Unicel Cartridge Filter 4CH-15 4CH-15

Unicel Cartridge Filter 4CH-15

Unicel Cartridge Filter M4302B/C-4401 1333

Unicel Cartridge Filter M4302B/C-4401

Unicel Filter Cartridge C-4310

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Filter Cartridge 10 sq. ft.
Get more efficient filtration and better water clarity with Unicel filters! Longer time between cleanings. Meets oem specifications  Diameter: 4 1/4-inch
Length: 4-inch
Top end cap: open, 2-1/16-inch inner diameter
Bottom end cap: open, 2-1/16-inch inner diameter
Pleat count: 216; filter media: 3-ounce reemay 2033; filter area: 10 square feet 
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