Ultimate Pool Closing Kit 39

Ultimate Pool Closing Kit

18' x 33' Oval Deluxe Blue - A/G Solar Blanket 26

18' x 33' Oval Deluxe Blue - A/G Solar Blanket

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pH Down Water Balancer

Ultimate Pool Closing Kit

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Close your swimming pool with confidence!!! Unlike chlorine-based winterizing pool chemical kits that reduce the effectiveness of algaecide and other winterizing chemicals and can stain and bleach pool walls or damage pool liners, our kit uses non-chlorine based chemicals. Pool Winterizing Chemical Kit Includes:
1. Algi-Free II - 1L non-metallic algaecide.
2. Pool Protect-All - 1L sequestrant compound.
3. Quik-Shok - 1kg oxidizer shock treatment
4. Pool Saver - 1L Total Value $74.96

1. One week before closing your pool: Test your water and adjust the following:
- pH level to about 7.4
- total alkalinity to 100 ppm
- calcium hardness to 200-300 ppm
2. One day before closing: Super chlorinate!
3. On the day of closing: Clean and vacuum the pool. Closing a dirty pool will guarantee a problem when you open it in the spring.
4. Add the winterizing chemicals as follows: - Add 1L of Pool Protect All evenly around the pool. This product will help prevent scale and mineral precipitation that occurs as the water temperature lowers and the dissolved minerals become less soluble. - Add 1L of Algi Free II around the entire perimeter of the pool. This product will control algae during the winter months. - Add 1 KG of Quik Shok around the pool. This will ensure destruction of chloramines and organic contaminates. - Add 1L of Pool Saver. This powerful formula prevents winter waterline ring, preserves pool liners and finishes, and reduces staining and the need for acid washing.
5. Place winter cover or safety cover on your pool!
Please Note: Do not mix these chemicals together!

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