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Taylor 2005 Professional Test Kit-Water Testing Chemical

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**Used by most Government Health Departments!
**This kit will provide accurate test results for Total Chlorine, Free Available Chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness and Cyanuric Acid.
Includes .75 oz reagent bottles. The 2000 Series was designed to permit users to build up their test kits in a stepwise fashion as their testing needs grow without having to purchase duplicate components. All cases in the 2000 Series include a piano-style interlocking hinge and are molded of high-density polyethylene designed to withstand the rigors of several seasons’ worth of testing. The standard-size case holds .75 oz. reagents. This kit offers more flexibility for adding other tests and feature handles for easy transport. The heart of any test kit is the comparator block, used for obtaining the water sample, mixing the reagents, and matching colors. Taylor's is the finest available. Advantages include raised fill marks to help ensure proper test volumes; frosted backing for uniform color perception; and dilution guides that make dealing with high concentrations a breeze!

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