Above Ground Liners


All of our above ground swimming pool liners are  discount pool supply is proudly canadian  MADE IN CANADA
to ensure great quality and fast shipping times.

Quality 100% virgin vinyl and premium 20 gauge thickness.

Our liners are made from 100% virgin vinyl – never recycled material!

Beware of liners manufactured off-shore because they may contain recycled materials which will have less elasticity, resulting in a shorter lifespan.

Not all pool liners are created equal!

Our liner edges are sealed with the most advanced machinery and bonded with extreme pressure and heat to ensure an enduring bond. Our liner seams are tough and long-lasting because they are welded together.
Computerized cutting tables create the perfect fit for your pool.


  • Overlap liners are the most common type of bead and can fit a wall height from 48" to 52". These liners overlap or wrap-over the top of the pool wall. Plastic strips, called coping, rest on top of the pool liner to hold it in place. Overlap liners fold over the pool wall so that the liner is visible on the pool wall exterior.
  • Beaded liners will have a thick bonded vinyl material that is placed on the top edge of the liner and fastens into the bead receiver.Alternatively, you may have a bead in the shape of a thick hook that slips over the wall itself. Some beaded liners may have both these features such as the EZ bead.

  • J-Hook (also known as J-Bead and U-Bead) is a liner bead that can be used as is, with no bead receiver.

    To install, simply hang over your pool wall's edge, and it will hold up with no extra equipment necessary.

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