Super Gizzmo, Skim-Insure 3454

Super Gizzmo, Skim-Insure

Standard Gizzmo, Skim-Insure 1605

Standard Gizzmo, Skim-Insure

Winterizing Foam Rope (1 ft Lengths) 3384

Winterizing Foam Rope (1 ft Lengths)

Super Gizzmo, Skim-Insure

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Our Skim-Insure Super Gizzmo is designed to screw into your DEEP skimmer and seal the plumbing lines leading to your pump. This will prevent water from leaking through the skimmer. When ice begins to forms, the Gizzmo will absorb the pressure and prevent your skimmer from being damaged. The gizzmo will crush inwards as the ice forms instead of the ice pushing outwards against the skimmer walls causing cracks. Works on almost all standard pools! Standard 1.5" thread. Colour: Blue Remember to protect your pool with our Skim-Insure Super Gizzmo!
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