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Super Clear Pool 1L

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Coagulate dirt & debris in your pool for easy removal while keeping your filter system operating at top performance. Make your pool water sparkle with "Super Clear". Reduce oil & scum deposits and improve your filter's efficiency. Solves your cloudy pool problem! Go from "Cloudy to Clear" in 24h! 1L

Go from cloudy to clear with DIscountPoolSupply's Super Clear! Super Clear is a fast-acting agent that works by causing small particles such as dirt, oils and debris to group together, making them larger and easier to remove through a pool vacuum or filtration.
Key Features:

  • Coagulates microscopic particles such as dirt and oils.

  • Clears pool water quickly and effectively.

  • Will make your pool water sparkle.

  • Improves filter function and efficiency.

  • Highly concentrated, powerful formula.

  • Ideal for use with sand and cartridge pool filters.

Directions for Use:

  1. CLean or backwash your filter if applying initial dose.

  2. Squirt desired dose of 30mL per 20,000 liters across the water's surface.

  3. Allow at least 8 hours of continuous filtration.

  4. Vacuum the pool as necessary.

Aqua Coastal Super Clear will reduce chemical consumption when used weekly.

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