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Spa Season Supply Bundle

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The Spa Supply Bundle is perfect if you are looking for the complete package to beautiful spa and hot tub water. It is designed to be used on any spa or hot tub and uses bromine as a sanitizer. Bromine is an effective alternative to chlorine and tends to keep your water more balanced. Remember to read the instructions on every single bottle. This package should last typical usage of about three to four months.

Each Discount Pool Supply Spa Supply Bundle Includes the following:

(2) Bottles of Slow dissolving Bromine Tablets 2kg
(2) Bottles of Pure Spa 2L
(1) Bottle of Filter Cleaner 226g
(1) Bottle of pH Down 700g
(1) Bottle of pH Up 500g
(1) Bottle of Alkalinity Booster/Align 500g
(1) Bottle of Foam Away 500ml
(1) Bottle of Catridge Renu 1L
(1) Bottle of Spa Protect All 500ml
(1) Bottle of Non-Chlorine Shock 1kg
(1) Bottle of Brominating Granules 700g

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