Spa Pillow (Blue) 220314

Spa Pillow (Blue)

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Spa Caddy

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Waterway Vinyl Graphite (Black) Spa Step

Spa Pillow (Blue)

Relax on our Soft and Comfortable Aqua-Cell Spa Pillow! Made in the USA!
Our Aqua-Cell spa pillow offers superior quality and functionality at a competitive price! Aqua-Cell closed-cell foam features numerous benefits that other manufactuers simply cannot provide.
Not Vinyl Coated or Painted!
Aqua-Cell colour penetrates throughout the product and will not chip or flake like oridnary foam products.
Custom Molded
Not die-cut or fabricated, the Aqua-Cell spa pillow has absolutely no glue lines, rough edges, or seams. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing processes deliver clean, attactive, finished products every time!
Tough and Durable
The Aqua-Cell spa pillow is virutally unaffected by chlorinated water and ultra-violent rays.
It will not allow the buildup of mold, mildew or germ carrying bacteria commonly associated with other foam materials. Simply rinse clean!
Aqua-Cell foam is the most comfortable foam available! Soft and non-abrasive, Aqua-cell products will not cause skin irritation problems such as chafing or scratching.
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