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Replacement Cell for T-Cell-9 (25k Gal)

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The Aqua Coastal replacement cell is designed to match the performance of the Hayward TurboCell (T-Cell-9). Comes with instructions on how to configure the replacement cell to your system. It is an easy drop-in replacement! The Aqua Coastal replacement cell comes in 3 different sizes to fit your pools exact needs: pools up to 15,000 gallons, 25,000 gallons and 40,000 gallons.

Do you want to make the switch to saltwater generation? Traditional chlorine pools are smelly and can irritate the skin, eyes, and respiratory system. Chlorine products are more expensive than pool grade salt. Salt water pools produce softer water that is gentler on the skin and will not stink nor fade swimsuits.

Unlike pool grade salt, chlorine is extremely volatile and needs to be handled with proper care. Instead of frequently adding liquid or solid chlorine to your pool, saltwater generation creates its own chlorine through the process of electrolysis. After adding pool grade salt to your pool, the saltwater will run through a saltwater generator that converts the salt into chlorine. The chlorinated water will effectively sanitize your pool, after which it will revert back to salt. The entire process results in less chloramine – the culprit behind irritated skin, eyes, and lungs – than traditional chlorine pools. In addition, unlike traditional chlorine pools where large quantities of liquid or solid chlorine are frequently added to your pool resulting in elevated and inconsistent chlorine concentrations, saltwater generators produce a steady stream of chlorine resulting in lower and stable overall chlorine concentrations.


  • Compatible with Hayward Systems; AQR, AQR-PRO, PL-P-4, PL-PS-X, AQ-RITE, AQ-RITE-XL

  • Easy to configure

  • Simple to clean

  • This cell requires software version 1.5 or higher. To check software version on your unit, press the diagnostics button 7 times.


Replacement Cell ForT-CELL-9 / TCELL925
Pool TypeIn-ground pools up to 25,000 gallons
Cable Length15' Cable
Warranty2-year warranty

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