Raypak 406,000 BTU Millivolt Propane Swimming Pool Heater PR406AMPC

Raypak 406,000 BTU Millivolt Propane Swimming Pool


Raypak 406,000 BTU Millivolt Propane Swimming Pool

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Millivolt Models

  • Mechanical Thermostat - The Raypak Millivolt gas heater comes with one mechanical thermostat. This control allows you to set your pool or spa temperature precisely at your favorite setting.
  • Millivolt Controls - No power source is required for the Raypak Millivolt heater. All operating electricity is supplied by the pilot thermocouple.
Stainless Steel Burners
Burner design is a critical component in any gas heater. The stainless steel burner system used in the Raypak Digital is inherently forgiving and extremely robust. The burner is self-adjusting to compensate for gas pressure fluctuations, allowing the heater to always burn clean and safe.

Smooth Light Off
The soft-opening gas valve ensures smooth turn-on; no “Hard Light” to worry about. The easily removable burner tray and pilot assembly make service and maintenance a simple task.

Pilot Ignition
The Raypak Digital uses a spark-to-pilot ignition system. This is the most reliable and robust ignition system available–an industry proven standard for over 30 years.

Condensation-Free Operation

Both water temperature and flow rate inside the heater are controlled to help eliminate condensation, sooting and scale buildup that can shorten the life of a heater. Raypak engineered the Unitherm Governor specifically for pool heater applications, regulating low-temperature incoming water to help reduce condensation. The built-in automatic bypass helps prevent scaling and erosion by balancing the flow going into the heat exchanger.

Rust-Free Waterways
The Raypak Digital, with polymer headers, is equipped with an integral copper finned-tube heat exchanger and stainless steel tube sheets. Even the smallest details such as the studs and nuts are made out of stainless steel. A heater that will last year after year and can easily be serviced if the need should ever arise.

BTU Input199,500266,000332,500399,000


  • Cabinet
    - Outdoor top - (standard)
    - Wind-resistant design
    - Channels rainwater out
    - Textured powder-coat finish
    - Optional indoor top
  • Digital Controls
    - Microprocessor-controlled
    - Built-in diagnostics
    - Back-lit LCD display
    - Pool and spa settings
    - Lexan cover- with snap closure
    - Remote-compatible
    - Flame strength meter
    - Cycle and run time log
    - Transformer output monitor
    - Fault history-last 10
  • Burner Tray
    - Easily removable
    - Stainless steel burners
    - Brass orifices
    - Aluminized metals
    - Stainless steel heat shield
    - Spark-to-pilot ignition
    - Soft-opening gas valve
  • Heat Exchanger
    - Integral copper fin tube (standard)
    - Automatic bypass
    - Unitherm governor Polymer headers
    - Stainless steel tube sheet
    - Reversible for left-side water connections.
    - ASME - (optional)
    - Cupro-nickel - (optional)
  • 2” CPVC Connections
  • High Limits and Controls
    - Mounted on the in/out header
  • Ceramic Fiber Combustion Chamber
  • Non-Combustible Base
    - Heater can be installed on a combustible surface
  • 120/240V
    - Incoming power can be connected to the right or left side.
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