Non-Chlorine Quick Shock 123

Non-Chlorine Quick Shock

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Clarifier-Opening Chemical

Non-Chlorine Quick Shock

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Pool shock is used to quickly raise the chlorine level in your pool as various bacteria and organic pollutants can resist normal chlorinator and contaminate your pool. Shocking your pool will help remove bacteria and other harmful organisms caused by a build-up during periods of hot weather and heavy pool usage. Non-chlorine Quik Shok is a powerful oxidizing agent that burns off "dead" chlorine cells. It also eliminates organic waste in your pool, helping to restore the sparkle and clarity of your pool water.
Key Features:
  • Quik Shok is a clean soluble product which does not require pre-mix and leaves no residue
  • It helps to supercharge your chlorine as it works and provides higher "free" chlorine readings which maximize water purity
  • Recommended once a week for best results
  • Available in 1kg and 8kg bulk containers.
  • eliminates organic waste in your pool
QUIK-SHOK contains no sanitizer. Use for shock treatment only. Use chlorine/bromine sanitizer registered under the Pest Control Products Act for pool water sanitation. As this product contains no chlorine, one may re-enter pool water 15 minutes after treatment.
  1. Initially add 240 g of QUIK-SHOK per 10,000 L of pool water.
  2. Maintenance dosage: Add 120 g per 10,000 L of pool water, weekly.
  3. Broadcast QUIK-SHOK over the surface of pool concentrating dosage in the deep end.
  • Do not mix with other alkaline household chemicals or any other household chemicals.
  • Do not swallow.
  • Do not get in eyes.
  • Do not get on skin or clothing.
  • Do not breathe fumes.
  • Handle with care.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Wear goggles or face shield and rubber gloves when handling.
  • Use only in a well-ventilated area.
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