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Pool Supplies St. John’s

Pool Supplies ST. John's Newfoundland

Summers may be short and sweet in St. John’s and that’s why swimming pool and hot tub owners need to take advantage of every warm day they get. When the weather is good enough for swimming you definitely want to enjoy it by taking a dip in the pool or a relaxing soak in the spa. This means the pool and tub must be ready to use at the drop of the hat. Chemicals need to be added to the water and the filter system and heater need to be running smoothly. As long as the pool and spa are properly prepared you’ll be able to get the most out of the St. John’s summer as possible. To make sure your pool/tub is ready to enjoy you can prepare them ahead of time by stocking up on supplies, chemicals, accessories, toys, and replacement parts etc. At We provide customers in the St. John’s area with everything needed at our one-stop, convenient shopping location. You’ll be able to find a complete line of products including steel, salt water/resin, and aluminum swimming pools as well as hot tubs and spas. Just select what you need online and have the items delivered right to your front door. Visitors at can shop 24/7 all year long for items such as heaters, pumps, filters, automatic pool cleaners, solar blankets, winter covers, safety covers, pool liners, leaf catchers, cleaning kits, chemicals, oxidizers, sanitizers, water-testing kits, chlorine, ozone and salt water systems, diving boards, steps, slides, floats, loungers, lighting, solar-reel systems, above-ground fencing, patio furniture, and toys and games etc. St. John’s pool and spa owners will find products from of the swimming pool industry’s top manufacturing brands such as Natural Chemistry, Waterway, Balboa, Zodiac, Pentair, Swimline, Hayward, Raypak, Gecko, Polaris, Unkel, Dolphin, Del Ozone, Jandy, and Kreepy Krauly.     

Automatic Pool Cleaners

You can make pool cleaning one of the simplest tasks if you employ the use of an automatic pool cleaner. This will keep the floor and walls of the pool clean and the water will also benefit from it. These state-of-the-art devices just need to be placed in the pool and they take care of the rest. The units travel around the pool on a continuous basis and clean it at the same time via either a brushing or sucking system. The dirt and debris is then removed from the pool and is taken care of by the filter system. There are several types of cleaners with most of them being powered by the pool’s own suction line or an electrical outlet. While the automatic cleaner is busy ridding the pool of dirt, bacteria, hair and sand etc., you’ll have some free time on your hands to look after other chores. As well as cleaning the pool itself, the water will stay fresher and healthier due to the constant cleaning powers of the device. There are several shapes and sizes of pool cleaners available at for both inground and aboveground pools. These include robotic models, pressure-side devices, and suction side cleaners from top manufacturers such as Kreepy Krauly, Polaris, Dolphin, Zodiac, Pentair, and Midwest.

Pool Heaters

St. John’s residents don’t have to be reminded that their summers are often among the coolest in Canada. Because of this, most pool owners in the area have a heater installed to make sure their swimming water is a comfortable temperature. Nobody really looks forward to swimming in frigid waters, but your pool can be kept at whatever temperature you choose with a reliable, energy-efficient heater. With a heater, the water is often warmer than the outside temperature and it allows you to enjoy the pool even on the most miserable summer days. In fact you may want to dive into the pool to warm up. Every day is  ideal for swimming when the water’s at your favourite temperature. The heater also allows you to extend the pool season by opening it earlier and closing it later. At we offer a variety of electric, solar, propane, and natural gas heating systems for inground and above ground pools of all shapes and sizes. Heaters come in various sizes and heating capacities and we also carry heat pumps and heat savers. Our most popular heaters are manufactured by companies such as Midwest, Raypak, Natural Chemistry, and Jandy. 

Pool Pumps

The size and power of pump needed to operate your filter system will basically depend on the size and water capacity of the pool. An energy-efficient pump is the best way to circulate the chemicals and water and make sure they’re spread out evenly throughout the pool. This will keep the water sparkling, clean, fresh, and as healthy as possible. We carry a wide range of different sized pumps for inground and aboveground pools. You’ll find popular variable-speed options as well as one and two-speed models at www.Discountpoolsupply,com with most of the units being built by companies such as Jandy, Midwest, Waterway, and Pentair.   

Pool Covers

Let’s face it, a swimming pool is used just a fraction of a day no matter how hot and humid the weather may be. This means it sits empty the majority of the time. When the pool’s not in use it’s a good idea to keep the water as warm and clean as possible by covering it up. The best way of doing this during the summer is to install a solar blanket. This s designed to keep the heat in the water and it also acts as a cover at the same time since it can keep dust and debris out. Most St. John’s pool owners utilize a solar blanket during the swimming season and also keep the pool safely covered over the winter with a durable winter or safety cover. Visit us at to browse through our line of inground and aboveground pool covers and solar blankets. We’ll be able to cover your pool regardless of its size and shape, such as rectangular, round, or oval etc. You’ve also come to the right place if you’re in the market for a solar roller system, leaf nets, and water bags. Our most popular pool covers are supplied by Covertech, Feherguard, Midwest, and Natural Chemistry.

Above Ground Pools

Looking for an above ground pool?  Discount Pool Supply carries a full like of above ground pools.  We carry, steel, aluminum and resin above ground pools and have models that will fit any budget.  We also offer free shipping to St. John's, Newfoundland for all above ground pools.  Save thousands on an above ground pool by purchasing online and installing it yourself.  An above ground pool only requires 2 people and can be easily setup in a weekend!

Free shipping in Canada on orders of $200 and up

Pool and spa owners in Canada receive free shipping on orders of $200 or more no matter where they live in Canada, including St. John’s of course. Orders from which are less than $200 are subject to a $9.95 shipping fee in Ontario and $19.95 for the rest of the country. Please note that larger items may result in additional shipping costs if they’re considered to be oversized. Please feel free to browse through our swimming pool and hot tub categories at your convenience by visiting Our site is designed to save both time and money by offering our customers discounted prices on the most popular and dependable pool products in the industry. Simply place your items inside our convenient online shopping cart and then visit the easy-to-use checkout system to confirm your purchase.

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