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Pool Supplies Ottawa

Pool Supplies Ottawa

Fortunately for swimming pool owners in the Ottawa area, the summers are usually some of the best in the country, allowing them to get the most out of their pools during the warm weather. However, you won’t be able to enjoy the refreshing water if your pool isn’t in top condition and ready to be enjoyed. Pool and hot tub owners typically hate to miss an opportunity to use their apparatus because they’re not fully prepared. It’s hard to enjoy a long, hot soak in the spa or a cooling-off period in the pool if they’re not in the proper working mode. Your pool and/or hot tub will always be ready on a moment’s notice though if you’ve got a good supply of accessories and chemicals on hand and all of the working parts are in good order. You can always be prepared to use your pool and spa by stocking up on supplies at whenever they’re needed. All of your pool and spa needs can be taken care of all year round as we offer a full one-stop, convenient  shopping option for Ottawa area residents. We have a wide selection of everything you could possibly need from pools, spas and hot tubs to chemicals, parts, accessories and toys etc. This includes a selection of aluminum, steel, and salt water/resin swimming pools. At you’ll be able to find items such as pumps, filters, heaters, liners, automatic pool cleaners, safety covers, winter covers, solar blankets, cleaning kits, leaf catchers, sanitizers, oxidizers, water-testing kits, chemicals, chlorine, ozone and salt water systems, steps, slides, diving boards, loungers, floats, lighting, solar-reel systems, patio furniture, toys and games and even above-ground fencing. Ottawa residents have the opportunity to choose from some of the best and most popular name brands in the industry when it comes to shopping at Discount Pool Supply. These include such well-known manufacturers as Zodiac, Pentair, Balboa, Hayward, Raypak, Swimline, Polaris, Gecko, Jandy, Dolphin, Del Ozone, Unkel, Kreepy Krauly, Natural Chemistry, and Waterway.  

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Cleaning the pool is a must if you and you’re family are going to enjoy it. Nobody wants to swim and play in a dirty pool, but it doesn’t have to take a lot of time and energy to keep it as spotless as possible. An automatic pool cleaner can do the work for you while you’re busy working or attending to other chores. In fact, it can even clean the pool while you’re sleeping. These high-tech devices are specially designed to keep the floor and walls of the pool is tip-top condition. They move around the pool on a continuous basis and clean it at the same time by brushing dirt into the filter system or sucking it up through a hose. With an automatic cleaner doing most of the work for you, you won’t have to worry about your pool becoming a hazard to your health because of dust and dirt. There are several types of automatic cleaners available at and these are made by top pool-supply companies such as Kreepy Krauly, Midwest, Dolphin, Polaris, Pentair, and Zodiac. Ottawa pool owners will find an attractive line of inground and aboveground cleaners to choose from including robotic devices as well as pressure-side and suction side options.


Pool Heaters

Not every day in the Ottawa summer is going to be a scorcher, but you don’t really have to worry about the water temperature cooling down too much if you have a dependable heater in place. You can keep your pool water at a steady temperature all summer long regardless of the outside weather. This will guarantee comfortable swimming conditions for you and your guests even on the coolest days. Of course, with a good heater you may also want to open your pool a couple of weeks earlier and close it down a couple of weeks later than usual. We carry numerous types and makes of swimming pool heaters at such as natural gas, solar, propane and electric options. You’ll also be able to select from a range of heat pumps and heat savers for all types of inground and aboveground swimming pools. They’re available in a variety of power outputs and sizes, which guarantees there’s one to match your specific pool. Our most popular heating units are manufactured by companies such as Jandy, Raypak, Midwest, and Natural Chemistry.  


Pool Pumps

The Ottawa swimming season won’t last long if you don’t have a reliable pump in place to keep the water healthy, fresh and clean. Beautiful summer days may go to waste if your water isn’t in swimming condition. The chemicals and water have to be evenly distributed throughout the pool and this is the job of the pump. It doesn’t matter what size your pool is, if it’s aboveground or inground, and what the shape may be, there’s bound to be an ideal and energy-efficient pump in stock at www.Discountpoolsupply,com. We carry a range of CSA-approved pumps in various sizes and power options from dependable manufacturers such as Pentair, Midwest, Waterway, and Jandy.


Pool Covers

It’s a good idea to keep your pool covered when it’s not in use regardless of the season. A covered pool is usually a cleaner and warmer pool. Solar blankets are ideal to keep the water warming during the summer and they’re also adept at keeping dust and debris at bay. When it’s time to close the pool down, a winter or safety cover is recommended. Regardless of the size and shape of your pool, you’ll be able to keep it covered by visiting us at We carry an assortment of covers in oval, round and rectangular shapes and sizes for inground and aboveground pools. In addition, you’ll also find a selection of solar roller systems, water bags, and leaf nets, etc from manufacturers including Covertech, Midwest, Feherguard, and Natural Chemistry.


Free shipping across Canada on orders of $200 and up

At we offer our Canadian customers free shipping anywhere in the country on orders of $200 and more. Orders below $200 are shipped to Ottawa and the rest of Ontario for just $9.95 and for $19.95 to all other provinces. Please note that larger items may result in additional shipping costs if they’re deemed to be as oversized. Swimming pool and spa owners can do their online shopping 24/7 by visiting us at Please feel free to browse through our categories and line of products when looking to save time and money. Just place the desired items in the handy online shopping cart and then head to the easy-to-use checkout system. is happy to offer our Ottawa area customers the latest and greatest in pool and hot tub products at lower prices than the business’s best manufacturers.

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