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Montreal Pool Supplies

A swimming pool is more or less nothing but a water-filled hole in the ground if it’s not in usable condition. While Montreal summers are considerably long and warm compared to many parts of the country, residents won’t be able to appreciate the warm weather if they’re constantly working on their pools or hot tubs. The simple solution is to be prepared for sudden sunny weather at all times. Once the days get longer and the temperatures warm up you’ll be able to quickly open your pool if you have all the necessary chemicals ready and the pump, filter, and heating system are all in good working condition. If you’re in need of any supplies or equipment at any time of the year you’ll be able to find them at There’s no need to wait until the last minute to get your pool in good working condition as we are here to fulfill your pool and spa needs every hour of the day, every day of the year.

We provide our Montreal customers with the luxury of online shopping at anytime of the day and offer fast and free shipping to Montreal and the surrounding area. There’s no need to browse from store to store or site to site as we offer a well-stocked and convenient one-stop shopping experience. We have your back when it comes to pools, hot tubs, spas, equipment, accessories and chemicals etc. You’ll find a fine selection of steel, aluminum, and salt water/resin pools along with an assortment of parts, toys, covers, games, heaters, filters, pumps, pool liners, solar blankets, safety covers, winter covers, oxidizers, sanitizers, automatic pool cleaners, water-testing kits, ozone and salt water systems, diving boards, slides, steps, floats and loungers, leaf nets, patio furniture, solar-reel systems, above-ground fencing, lighting, games and toys and patio furniture. Montreal pool and spa enthusiasts will be glad to know we carry the best and most popular brands in the business including Balboa, Pentair, Zodiac, Hayward, Swimline, Raypak, Polaris, Jandy, Gecko, Dolphin, Unkel, Del Ozone, Kreepy Krauly, Waterway, and Natural Chemistry.  

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Cleaning a pool can be a tedious task, especially on a hot and sticky day when you can’t wait to dive into the cool, refreshing water. There’s an easy solution to this though as you can get some help from an automatic pool cleaner. These devices can do the work for you while you’re sleeping, working or attending to other pressing matters. There’s no need to suffer a dirty pool if you invest in a helpful automatic cleaner. These technically-advanced machines are made to clean your pool on a continuous basis so you don’t have to spend precious time vacuuming the floor and scrubbing the walls. The dirt, debris, and leaves that have invaded the pool are quickly sent to the filter basket through the suction system. Your pool will be cleaner and the sparkling water healthier once the contaminants have been efficiently removed. Don’t let the Montreal summer fly by while you’re busy cleaning the pool rather instead of swimming in it. Check out our complete line of automatic pool cleaners here. These include inground and aboveground models such as robotic, suction side and pressure-side cleaners from manufacturers such as Kreepy Krauly, Midwest, Dolphin, Polaris, Zodiac, and Pentair. 

Pool Heaters

While the sun tries its best to heat your pool water and keep it warm, Montreal residents won’t have to pick and choose their swimming days if the temperature’s consistently comfortable. The quickest and simplest way to achieve a steady water temperature is to install an energy-efficient pool heater. There are several types of pool heating systems to choose from which include solar, electric, propane, and natural gas. You can also utilize heat savers and heat pumps. You’ll be able to set the water temperature to whatever you like while the heater obeys your command. This will enable you to enjoy a longer swimming season since you’ll be able to open the pool earlier in the spring and close it down later in the fall. We have a wide range of inground and aboveground heaters for pools of all dimensions and shapes as well as a variety of heat savers and heat pumps, you can shop our line of pool heaters here. You’ll find our brands include Natural Chemistry, Jandy, Midwest, and Raypak.  

Pool Pumps

The pool’s filter system can’t work without an efficient pump. The pump is needed to send the water through the filter to make sure it stays as clean and healthy as possible. Pumps come in various power outputs and the one you’ll need depends on the size of your pool. The pump will help to evenly distribute the chemicals and water throughout the pool and we carry models for all pool dimensions in the Montreal area. Some of our most popular models are supplied by manufacturers such as Midwest, Waterway, Pentair, and Jandy. To find the right pump for your size of inground or aboveground pool simply pay a visit to our pool pumps section here at your convenience and browse our selection. They all come with a healthy warranted and are CSA approved.   

Pool covers

One of the most effective and easiest items of pool equipment to use to keep your water warm and clean is a pool cover. Removable pool covers can keep up to 90 percent of dust and debris out of your water, not to mention the leaves and twigs. A solar blanket can act as both a cover and heating element during the swimming season while a winter cover will protect it from the harsh Montreal weather. Let’s not forget the safety issue either as a cover makes the pool a much safer area to be around. We carry a wide variety of solar blankets, safety covers, winter covers, solar roller systems, water bags, and leaf nets for inground and aboveground pools of all shapes and sizes. Whether your pool is oval shaped, rectangular or oval, we’re confident we’ll be able to cover it with a brand such as Midwest, Natural Chemistry Feherguard, and Covertech.  

Free shipping on orders of $200 and up

At we offer all our customers fast, free shipping to Montreal for every order over $200. For any order below this amount, shipping costs are just $9.95 to Ontario and $19.95 to Montreal and the rest of the country. Please be aware that any larger items may be considered oversized and could result in additional shipping costs.

Montreal residents always welcome to visit us online at  for their swimming pool and hot tub needs. Feel free to browse our numerous categories for the products you’re looking for to save both time and money. Just select the items you’d like and place them into the online shopping cart before checking out. is proud to provide our Montreal area clients with the latest in swimming pool and spa products from the brands at a reduced price.

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