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Pool Supplies Halifax

Pool Supplies Halifax

Most Halifax winters are spent digging out of an endless stream of wicked snow storms, so it’s just natural that swimming pool and spa owners want to relax and enjoy the summers as much as they can. The hot days can definitely be enjoyed more when your pool and/or hot tub is always ready to use. This means it needs to be clean and in good working order. Your pool and tub should always be ready to jump into as long as you have the necessary chemicals on hand and the parts such as pump, filter, automatic cleaner and heater are doing their job. Whenever you need swimming pool chemicals, accessories, toys or replacement parts etc. you can depend on to have everything you need in stock. We carry a wide selection of swimming pool and hot tub supplies and offer a convenient one-stop shopping option for pool supplies for Halifax area residents. No matter if it’s the middle of summer or the dead of winter you’ll be able to order your supplies online and have them shipped directly to your home. We also carry a variety of hot tubs and spas as well as steel, salt water/resin, and aluminum swimming pools. When it comes to pool and spa-related items, customers regularly visit us at for things such as filters, pumps, heaters, automatic pool cleaners, liners, solar blankets, safety covers, winter covers, leaf catchers, cleaning kits, oxidizers, sanitizers, water-testing kits, chlorine, chemicals, ozone and salt water systems, slides, steps, diving boards, toys, floats, loungers, solar-reel systems, lighting, games, above-ground fencing, and patio furniture. Halifax pool and spa owners can pick from some of the industry’s most popular and respected brands such as Waterway, Zodiac, Balboa, Pentair, Hayward, Swimline, Raypak, Polaris, Dolphin, Gecko, Unkel, Jandy, Del Ozone, Kreepy Krauly, and Natural Chemistry. 

Automatic Pool Cleaners

One of the most important maintenance tasks is keeping your pool clean for your family and friends to enjoy. It’s not a hard, but it can take some time to do. However, things are made much easier if you enlist the aid of an automatic pool cleaner. These handy devices can clean your pool continuously day and night if you like while you attend to other matters. Automatic cleaners are made to keep the walls and floor of the pool as spotless as possible by sucking up dirt and debris or brushing it into the filter system. They circulate around the pool on their own power and clean on an endless basis. With the dirt and debris being removed on a regular basis your pool and its water will remain as clean and healthy as possible. Automatic pool cleaners come in several shapes, sizes, and styles and can easily be found at We carry automatic cleaners for both inground and aboveground pools from the best manufacturers in the business including Dolphin, Kreepy Krauly, Polaris, Pentair, Midwest, and Zodiac. Halifax pool owners can choose from different types of cleaners such as robotic devices, pressure-side models and suction side units.

Pool Heaters

Just because summer officially arrives in Halifax each year it doesn’t guarantee warm temperatures as some summer days can be as cool as the spring or fall. However, since your pool is already open you don’t want to just sit and look at it due to bad weather. That’s why many pool owners have a heater installed to take advantage of those cooler days. A heater allows you to maintain your pool water at a consistent and comfortable temperature throughout the summer. There’s no frigid surprises when you dive into the water since it’s the same temperature day after day regardless of the outdoor thermometer. A reliable heater also gives you the option of opening your pool earlier and closing it down later in the year. You’ll find several types of popular inground and aboveground swimming pool heaters when visiting We carry an assortment of solar, natural gas, electric, and propane models as well as heat savers and heat pumps. They come in different sizes and power options and no matter what size and shape your pool is you’ll be able to find a suitable heating device for it. Our heaters are designed and made by reliable companies such as Raypak, Jandy, Midwest, and Natural Chemistry. 

Pool Pumps

A swimming pool relies on an efficient pump to keep the water circulating through the filter system. This keeps the water clean and fresh, not to mention healthy. The pump makes sure the water and chemicals are returned and spread evenly throughout your pool whenever it’s running. Pumps come in different sizes and power outputs as they need to match the size and shape of your inground or aboveground swimming pool. You’ll find one, two and variable-speed, CSA-approved pumps available at www.Discountpoolsupply,com. These are built by top manufacturers such as Jandy, Pentair, Midwest, and  Waterway.  

Pool covers

Keeping leaves, twigs, and dust out of your pool can be a difficult task if it’s not covered when you’re not using it. Cleaning the pool can obviously be done a lot quicker and easier if the debris is kept out by a suitable cover. In addition, the water will also be kept warmer. Many Halifax pool owners utilize a solar blanket in the summer to keep the heat in and the dirt out. When they close the pool down for the winter they then keep it covered and safe with a reliable safety or winter cover. At you’ll be able to find a variety of covers for your pool regardless of its shape and size. We stock rectangular, round, and oval covers for inground and aboveground pools and can also have one custom designed if needed. We also carry water bags, solar roller systems, and leaf nets from companies such as Midwest, Covertech, Natural Chemistry, and Feherguard.

Above Ground Pools

Looking for an above ground pool in Halifax?  Discount Pool Supply carries a full like of above ground pools.  We carry, steel pools, aluminum pools and resin above ground pools and have models that will fit any budget.  We also offer free shipping to Halifax for all above ground pools.  Save thousands on an above ground pool by purchasing online and installing it yourself.  An above ground pool only requires 2 people and can be easily setup in a weekend!

Free shipping in Canada on orders of $200 and up

Pool and spa owners across Canada will receive free shipping from on all orders of $200 and more. For orders under $200, Ontario residents pay $9.95 and the rest of the nation pays just $19.95. Please note that larger items may result in additional shipping costs if they’re considered oversized. Please feel free to browse through our numerous swimming pool and hot tub categories online at Our site is designed to save customers both time and money by offering discounted prices on the most reliable pool products in the business. Simply place your desired items in the convenient online shopping cart and confirm your purchase with the easy-to-use checkout option.

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