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Pool Supplies Edmonton

Edmonton may not be known for scorching hot weather, but there’s certainly no shortage of warm days during the summer months to relax in a refreshing swimming pool. When the warm days arrive, local swimming pool and hot tub owners would prefer to be enjoying them in the refreshing water rather than maintaining and cleaning them. Edmonton summers may not be the hottest and longest in the country and that’s why most pool and spa owners want to be ready as soon as they show up. The best way to prepare a pool or hot tub is to maintain it properly each and every season of the year so it’s always ready to enjoy. This means taking care of all the parts and accessories and making sure you have the chemicals needed at the drop of a hat.

At you’ll be able to stock up in anything you need 365 days of the year. We offer a one-stop shopping bonanza for Edmonton pool and spa owners at prices lower than your local retail stores. We deal in an assortment of salt water/resin, steel, and aluminum swimming pools along with spas, hot tubs, parts, accessories and toys and chemicals etc. If it’s pool or spa related you can bet we offer it in one convenient and easy-to-access online location. You’ll be able to browse through an assortment of top-of-the-line pool heaters, filters, pool pumps, pool liners, solar blankets, safety covers, winter covers, oxidizers, sanitizers, chlorine, automatic pool cleaners, water-testing kits, ozone and salt water systems, diving boards, slides, steps, floats and loungers, leaf nets, patio furniture, solar-reel systems, above-ground fencing, lighting, games and toys and patio furniture. Edmonton pool and spa owners are spoiled for choice when it comes to elite swimming pool, hot tub and spa products and accessories as they have some of the industry’s most reliable manufacturers to browse through. These brands include Zodiac, Balboa, Pentair, Hayward, Swimline, Raypak, Polaris, Jandy, Gecko, Dolphin, Unkel, Del Ozone, Kreepy Krauly, Waterway, and Natural Chemistry.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

If it’s continuous pool cleaning you’re searching for, then look no further as an automatic pool cleaner is designed to solve all of your pool cleaning problems and frustrations. An automatic cleaner works night and day while you’re busy attending to other important matters. These devices never sleep or tire out as they can go 24/7. This is the ideal way to keep the walls and floor of your pool as clean as possible and is moves around all areas of the surface on a constant basis. The dirt is quickly and efficiently removed and then captured by the pool’s filter system. This keeps the water healthy and sparking clean as it re-enters the pool. You don’t want to spend prime swimming hours vacuuming their pools when they should be cooling down in them and that’s why automatic pool cleaners are among our most popular items. We carry several types automatic pool cleaners including robotic models as well as suction side and pressure-side models for both inground and aboveground pools. Some of our most popular brands include Kreepy Krauly, Midwest, Dolphin, Polaris, Zodiac, and Pentair.  

Pool Heaters

The water’s never too cold to swim in once you have a pool heater installed. Your pool will be as warm as you like it with one of our natural gas, propane, solar or electric pool heating systems. We carry major brands at discounted prices for pool heaters and pool heat pumps.  You’ll be able to set the water for a comfortable temperature and take advantage of your investment even on Edmonton’s cooler summer days. The relatively short swimming season can easily be lengthened with an energy-efficient pool heater. Since you’re able to heat the water you’ll look forward to opening the pool at an earlier date and closing it for the season at a later date. We offer swimming pool heating solutions for all sizes of inground and above ground pools as well as heat savers and heat pumps from top manufacturers including Jandy, Midwest, Raypak, and Natural Chemistry.

Pool Pumps

An efficient swimming pool pump is essential to your requirements if you want to swim in crystal clear, healthy water all summer long. The pool pump is designed to evenly distribute the pool’s water and chemicals through the filter system and back into the pool and keeps organic matter to form in your pool, leading to clouding and yucky swimming water. It’s true that pools come in all shapes and sizes, but there’s a pump to match the size and dimension of each one of them. To look through our wide selection of pool pumps from manufacturers such as Jandy, Midwest, Pentair, and Waterway, simply head on over to pool pumps page at your convenience. We carry an assortment of models for inground and aboveground pools which come in a variety of power outputs, including variable speed pumps that save money while providing awesome pump power.  They’re all approved by the CSA and come with a generous warranty.  

Pool covers

Cool air, dust, leaves, dirt, and grime are all enemies of a clean swimming pool and that’s why it’s recommended you keep it covered whenever possible. A solar blanket will keep the heat in your pool and at the same time keep the dirt out while a winter cover will protect it when it’s closed for the season. We provide covers and blankets for inground and above ground pools of all shapes and sizes including rectangular, oval, and round models.  Need a custom pool cover designed?  We can do that too.  We also provide our much-appreciated Edmonton customers with an assortment of safety covers, pool leaf nets, solar roller systems, and water bags etc from popular manufacturers such as Feherguard, Covertech, Midwest, and Natural Chemistry.

Free shipping on orders of $200 and up offers fast, free shipping on all orders of at least $200 anywhere across Canada. Orders below $200 cost only $9.95 to shipping in Ontario and $19.95 to Edmonton and the rest of Canada. Please note that any larger item may be regarded as oversized and could result in additional shipping costs. Swimming pool and spa owners in Edmonton are invited to visit and shop online at their convenience at Simply browse the categories for the products you’re searching for and save both time and money on all of your swimming pool and hot tub supplies. Just select the items you require and place them into the online shopping cart before checking out. is proud to provide our Edmonton area clients with the most up-to-date swimming pool and spa products from the industry’s top manufacturers at a reduced cost.


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