Pool Stabilizer 1.75KG 136

Pool Stabilizer 1.75KG

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Slow Dissolving Bromine Tablets 2Kg

Pool Stabilizer 1.75KG

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Pool Stabilizer is an easy-to-use product for stabilizing chlorine in swimming pools. It protects and stabilizes chlorine from the U.V. rays of the stun and extends effective disinfection time. Our pool stabilizer contains cyanuric acid which combines with the chlorine in your swimming pool, making the chlorine less likely to react to sunlight.
Key Features:
  • Greatly reduces chlorine loss by the sun's UV Rays
  • Helps prevent the loss of chlorine by direct sunlight and heavy bather usage
  • Makes the chlorine in your pool more effective as a sanitizer and disinfectant
  • To maximize the efficiency of chlorine in an outdoor pool, always maintain a stabilizer residual of at least 20ppm.
  • Great for chlorine and salt-water pools!
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