Pool Magic Spring and Fall-Natural Choice Chemical 1L 3117

Pool Magic Spring and Fall-Natural Choice Chemical 1L

Pool First Aid-Natural Choice Chemical 2L 724

Pool First Aid-Natural Choice Chemical 2L

Pool Soft Supreme Water Conditioner 8Kg 3357

Pool Soft Supreme Water Conditioner 8Kg

Pool Magic Spring and Fall-Natural Choice Chemical 1L

Cuts Chlorine and Bromine use while it breaks down oil and scum! Natural Chemistry strives to enhance the lives of all pool and spa users! They are constantly developing thoughtful, sensible solutions that focus both on the enivronment, the interest of commerce and the end consumer! Pool Magic contains a concentrated natural enzyme-based formula designed specifically to work in cold water. It quickly breaks down non-living organic contaminants and cleans up cloudy, dirty pool water.
Typically, you close your pool in the fall with a dose of Pool Magic Spring & Fall. The enzymes control the non-living organics that seep into the water during the off season and minimize the work to re-open or start the pool up. However, if you didn't use Pool Magic Spring & Fall in the fall, you will still benefit by adding it during opening.
Tips & Info
  • Works with all sanitizers systems
  • Performance is reduced in water with high sanitizer levels. Optimum results are obtained when chlorine is below 5ppm
  • Product is Coffee Color
  • Add 1 bottle per 25,000 gallons (75,000L) to the skimmer or directly into the pool water
  • Use the convenient over cap as a measuring cup (4oz)
  • Can swim directly after use
Directions for use: Sanitizer level should be below 5ppm before adding this product. New pools, openings, & initial phosphate removal:
  1. Follow dealer instructions to fill (if new pool) and balance water chemistry.
  2. Shake well and use entire bottle for pools up to 95,000 liters by adding to the skimmer with the circulation system running
Note: Do not backwash/clean the filter for 48 hours after adding this product.
At closing:
  1. Add product to a properly balanced pool (with sanitizer level below 5ppm) at a rate of 1 bottle per 95,000 liters.
  2. For same day closing, product can be added to the pool water evenly around the edges
Note: This product removes 300ppb of phosphates from 75,700 liters.
For opening: Test phosphate levels weekly and treat as necessary in order to maintain phosphate levels 100ppb or lower. For closing: Phosphate levels should be 100ppb or lower for optimal results.
Take a look at the manufacturer's website here.
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