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Polaris Spabot Cordless Automatic Spa & Hot Tub Cleaner

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Polaris Spabot Cordless Automatic Spa & Hot Tub Cleaner

The World’s First Hands-free Automatic Spa Cleaner

Cleaning your hot tub has never been easier thanks to the Polaris Spabot robotic cleaner. This is the first-ever automatic spa cleaner that features unique SpaNav™ technology which is designed to easily maneuver around small and confined spaces, as well as the curvatures that are typical of in-ground spas and stand-alone hot tubs.

The Polaris Spabot is the ultimate hands-free automated cleaning solution for your spa or hot tub. It is cordless and runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. With just 60 minutes of cleaning time, it can scrub all surfaces and collect debris in its filter canister. Starting it up and using it is easy - just place it in the spa and walk away while it does the work. Once it's done, unlike traditional cordless robotic cleaners that settle to the bottom awaiting retrieval, Spabot is engineered with innovative end-of-cycle buoyancy that enables you to easily grab it at water level once it’s finished cleaning.


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Pool TypeSpas & Hot Tubs
Cleaning Modes1 Mode: Floor/Seats/Wall
Canister Size1 L
Cable LengthCordless
Transparent Lid Yes
App-Controlled No
Run Time 60 Minutes
Removal Method Float Finish™
ChargerIndoor Charging Cable


Comes with a 2 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty.

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