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Pentair Prowler 930W Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner with Caddy

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Open the app. Clean the pool. Feel the freedom.

The Prowler 930W Robotic Cleaner has all the easy, drop-in-and-go intelligence of all the Prowler family. But with the 930W’s WiFi connectivity, all you need is the Pentair Home App to make pool cleaning truly hands-off and effortless --even by robot standards. Whether you need time to get ready for the kids’ pool party or simply want to touch up a tough spot before bed so your morning dip is glistening.


  • WiFi control via the Pentair Home App for easy connectivity and smart-phone enablement.

  • Easy access to top filtration basket that captures minuscule and large debris.

  • A robust caddy for you to easily transport your pool cleaner from point A to point B. 

  • Customizable cleaning schedule so you’re never overdue for a cleaning.

  • Manual targeting of trouble spots for a truly pristine pool.

  • Delayed start app feature allows you to clean now or clean later, so late-night swimmers won’t be bothered.


What is in the Pentair Home app?

The Pentair Home app range of connected water management devices help you move, improve and enjoy your home's water. Ensure a continuous flow of softened water. Protect your home from leaks and flooding. Control your swimming pool system and monitor water chemistry. All from the easy-to-use dashboard on your smart device.

Receive alerts sent directly to your phone - and if you choose, your trusted water professional. * Plus, get tools and education from Pentair to help you know and manage the water in your home.


Top-Access filter basketYes
Programmable daily cleaning schedulesYes
Dual-filtration optionsYes
High-speed front scrubbing brushYes
Swivel for tangle-free performance Yes
Robust caddy for storageYes
WiFi control via the Pentair Home appYes
Spot cleaning & delayed start featuresYes
Multiple surface cleaningYes


Comes with 2 years manufacturer's warranty

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