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OPEN BOX Raypak 27 KW Digital Pool and Spa Heater

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OPEN BOX - Brand new heater, never used or hooked up. Take advantage of our Open Box deals!

The Electric 3-Series Titanium heater is the latest technology in pool and spa heating. The E3T is built with titanium heating elements and 316L stainless steel to withstand extreme pool water conditions, including salt water chlorinated pools. The E3T heater operates by utilizing the latest solid-state design and flow sensor technology. It has easy to use digital controls with diagnostics. The compact size makes it is easy to install for new construction or replacement installations.


  • E3T pool and spa heater are compact in size. These heaters are perfect for installing in small spaces and are a perfect solution for replacing any existing pool and spa heaters. Raypak electric heaters are easy to install and come with standard union connections.

  • E3T heater is made of Titanium elements, which prolongs the life of the heater and provides powerful heating to pools and spa even in extreme water environments. This heater works efficiently in salt water chlorinated pools

  • Raypak E3T Electric heaters use high grade, corrosion resistant stainless steel which makes it possible to use these heaters in salt water conditions and is resistant to chemicals in water such as chlorine and bromine

  • Easy-to-use digital control panel help to set desired heating and perfect temperature. Easy-to-read display shows the temperature, GPM flow

  • E3T operate with the latest “Flow Sense Technology” ensuring smooth flow of water with minimum flow activation of 15 GPM.  This helps to monitor the status and flow of water. Intuitive alert system helps diagnose and monitor the life of heater, protect the elements and prolong its lifespan.

  • E3T uses solid state design controls that help to eliminate noisy and troublesome contactors. This ensures E3T heaters operate quietly. This advanced design control allows heaters to modulate power and use only required energy to maintain desired heating temperatures


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ModelkWBTU/HRVoltageNo of Breakers (Amps)
00055.5187872401 x 30
001111375342401 x 60
001818614192402 x 40
002727921282403 x 40

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