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OPEN BOX K-Star 10KW (65,000 L) Electric Pool/Spa Heater

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OPEN BOX - Brand new heater, never used or hooked up. Take advantage of our Open Box deals!

You will smile when you stick your hand in and feel that perfect temperature! K-Star Electric heaters, for comfort and heat when you need it.  Swimming any time is more fun when the water temperature is right. Your whole family will get more enjoyment and more use of your pool and spa with a K-Star heater. Whether you want to extend your swimming season from earlier spring into the fall, or just want more comfortable pool temperatures all the time, or have your spa ready even in frigid winter weather, K-Star Electric Heaters can do it for you.

IMPORTANT: Please note that K-Star heaters are NOT plug-in, they are single phase 240 V. Due to this, installation costs may be much more than expected. Please contact a licensed electrician to see if this heater will work for your pool. Cannot be used with a soft-sided pool. For above ground pools.

Note: This unit is to be hardwired and serviced by a licensed electrician. Refer to the owner’s manual for proper installation parameters and warranty criteria. Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
*Please Note: The Canadian Electrical Code requires Leakage Current Collectors for HOT TUB/SPA applications. Consult your local Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) for more information regarding Current Collector requirements in your area. Current Collectors are sold separately.
**If you already own a K-Star electric heater and would like to purchase current collectors, click here**


  • Temperature control

  • Operating Indicator Light

  • High limit manual control reset

  • Copper grounding lugs

  • Stainless steel incoloy-sheathed elements for longer life

  • PVC impact-resistant tank

  • Winterizing drain plug

  • Keeps Temperatures constant up 104ºF (40ºC)

  • 1.5" Inlet / Outlet Connection

    **Current collectors are sold separately


Model #KWVoltsAMPS (A)GFCI Fuse Requirmenets
K15/K-15-D/K15-TT/K-15-DTT 1524063Refer to local guidelines


1 year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase. For full details please refer to Owners Manual.

OPEN BOX K-Star 10KW (65,000 L) Electric Pool/Spa Heater Reviews

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