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Naturally, Perfect Pool Chemical Bundle

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Chemical Maintenance can be costly so we have created bundles which are a collection of our highest quality and most effective chemicals at reduced prices, giving you the best value for your money.  Naturally, Perfect Pool Chemical Bundle includes all natural chemcials that will help maintain your pool by shocking, removing algae and phosphates, while creating silky smooth water to swim in!   Naturally, Perfect Pool Chemical Bundle:

  • 2 6kg Pails of 3" Stabilized Chlorine Pucks            $44.99

  • 1 8kg Pail of Quik-Shock (Non-Chlorine Shock)    $69.99

  • 2 1L Bottle of Phos Out                                             $29.99 each

  • 1 8kg Pail of Pool Soft Supreme                              $74.99

  • 1 2L Bottle of Pure Pool Plus                                   $49.99

  • 1 Four Pack of Filter Saver Skimmer Socks           $7.99

  • 1 22oz Bottle of Clean & Perfect                             $10.99

Total Value:   $363.91

SAVE:    $43.92

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