Chlorine Stabilizing 1

Chlorine Stabilizing 1" Mini Pucks 2KG

Granular Stabilized Chlorine 2KG 19741

Granular Stabilized Chlorine 2KG

Stabilized Chlorinating Sticks 6.15Kg 667

Stabilized Chlorinating Sticks 6.15Kg

Chlorine Stabilizing 1" Mini Pucks 2KG

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Chlorine tablets kill bacteria, prevent the growth of algae and help maintain safe water for you to swim in. DiscountPoolSupply's 1" min puck tablets are 15-gram Trichlor tablets for pool or spa sanitation. Our 1" mini-pucks are slow dissolving and provide lasting protection against various contamination.
  • Powerful 90% available stabilized chlorine.
  • The slowest-dissolving, longest lasting chlorine you can buy.
  • Perfect for floating feeders or almost any automatic chlorinator.
  • 15-gram trichlor tablets
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