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How To Throw an Awesome Pool Party

When it comes to throwing an awesome pool party there are a few steps to take to make sure you and your guests have a great time. Follow these steps to ensure your pool party ends up being the party of the year. The first step is setting a date and finalizing your guest list. When it comes to setting a date remember that you can't control mother nature. Set a second date as your rain date so your guests can plan ahead for either scenario. Whether you send out handmade invitations or send out e-vites, request that everyone RSVP to make the planning process easier. A few questions to ask yourself during the initial planning of your pool party:

  • How big is the party space?

  • How many could swim comfortably at a time?

  • How many burger can your barbeque grill?

  • Is there a sheltered space for guests in case of rain or cold weather?

  • Do I have time to do proper chemical and pool maintenance on my pool before and after?

When it comes time for your pool party maintaining overall cleanliness can be a hassle. When it comes to your pool party avoid mess and germs by taking precautions.

  • Keep waste baskets around the pool area for guests to throw their trash in, and avoid it landing in your pool.

  • Have guests shower before they enter the pool. By having them shower before hand they rid themselves of loose germs and dirt, keeping your pool nice and clean.

  • Have a clear bathroom route. Whether you allow your guests to go inside, have an outdoor toilet or outhouse, it is important that guests know where the washroom is. Keep it stocked with plenty of toilet paper, small trash can, sunscreen and extra towels.

  • Don't let food sit out in the sun. If it smells 'off', it probably shouldn't be eaten. Keep foods like fruit and dips out of the hot sun and heat by serving them intermittently.

Keep your pool party goers happy by playing different games in the pool. Pool party games also work as great icebreakers. Some classic pool party games are: Pool safety for kids-girl underwater

  • Marco/Polo –one person is 'it' and swims around with their eyes closed. They yell Marco, while the remaining swimmers yell Polo. Rules vary amongst participants.

  • Shark and Minnows –similar to the on-land game British Bulldog, Shark essentially is the same deal. One person is it (the shark) and counts down with their back turned. The remaining swimmers (the minnows) try to swim to the other side without being tagged.

  • Whirlpool –ideal for circular shaped pools, swimmers form a conga line and walk around the edge of the pool. Gradually picking up speed, a whirlpool is formed.

  • Chicken Fight –hop on your partner's shoulders and battle. First one off their partner's shoulders loses!

  • Colours –one person, with their back turned yells out colours. The swimmers wait on the edge then begin to swim when their colour is called, trying to make it to the other side without being tagged.

  • Bananas –one person stays in the water and calls out different names of fruit. When they call bananas, everyone is to jump in the pool. If you jump in before bananas, you're it!

An awesome pool party is not complete without music. Pick your pool party play list ahead of time by selecting the summer's most played songs. Consult your iTunes store or Billboard's 100 list to see what is trending for inspiration for your playlist. You can do this while you relax with your pre-party ritual, and wake up knowing that tomorrow you are going to throw an awesome pool party. Need some pool party toys?  Check out our line of pool toys, floats and games and have them shipped right to your door!

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