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The Types of Pool Stains and the Discount Swimming Pool Chemicals Used to Treat Them

One of the most common pool problems in Canada we’ve heard of here at Discount Pool Supply is pool staining. It’s no secret that most people want a clear, inviting swimming pool during a backyard party. That’s why we always keep a stock of discount swimming pool chemicals whenever staining issues arise. As a pool owner, you benefit from knowing how to identify the different types of pool stains and understanding what discount swimming pool chemicals work best under what conditions. Let’s talk about pool stain removal.

Identifying the Stain

Most residential pools will only see 2 major categories of stains: rust-based stains seen on metal as a result of copper pipe corrosion and organic stains generated by leaves, branches, and other debris sitting on the pool’s surface. You can further classify a stain by the color it produces. Take for example: • A green-brownish color indicates an organic stain caused by plant matter.

• Red-bluish means brightly colored berries fallen from bushes have caused the stain.

• Green, brown, and red indicate iron stains.

• Blue green, and black means you have a copper stain on your hands.

• Brown, black, and purple show that a manganese stain is in your pool.

Using the Right Discount Swimming Pool Chemical to Clear Organic Stains

The procedure for organic stains is rather simple. All organic stains require chlorinating the water. While doing so, ensure pH is between 7.4 and 7.6 and alkalinity is between 100 to 150 ppm (parts per million). If the stain is large enough, add 3 pounds of pool shocks per 10,000 gallons of water. Do so late into the day for best results. Finally, let the pool circulate for 8 hours, brushing intermittently.

Metallic Stains

Identification of metallic stains is more of a challenge since colors can look different in varying lighting conditions. To ensure you’re buying the right discount swimming pool chemicals, bring a sample of the water to your local pool retailer. Use a metal stain remover fit for the job, which is sold at most pool care stores from various manufacturers.

Preventing Future Stains

Chlorine is the enemy of organic stains. As mentioned, pH and alkalinity need to be in acceptable levels for the chemical to work best. A pH too low tends to corrode copper pipes, causing metallic stains. Regularly vacuum the top of the water to prevent debris from collecting. Test your pool regularly for signs of metals and stains. If metal is a constant threat, apply some metal sequestrant to prevent the formation of metallic stains.

Discount Swimming Pool Chemicals | Discount Pool Supply | Canada

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• Swimming pool stains are some of the most common problems we’ve had to deal with at Discount Pool Supply. From metallic to organic stains, there are discount swimming pool chemicals ready to fix it up.

• You can further discover the nature of the stain through the color it produces in the water. Alternatively, bring a sample of the pool water to your local pool retailer. While you’re there pick up pool shocks, pH detectors, and other related chemicals and equipment.

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