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Safety Covers: Mesh or Solid Cover?

When the swimming season comes to an end yet again, most Canadian pool owners cover their pools with a safety cover for the long, cold winter months. Basically, there are two main types of covers to choose from, which are mesh and solid versions. The type you will choose to use generally depends on several different factors regarding your pool situation. Solid and mesh safety covers are quite different from each other and it’s always a good idea to get the facts on each type before making a decision. A mesh cover will essentially enable rain and melted snow and ice to pass through it and enter the pool. On the other hand, you’ll need to pump the water off of a solid cover before opening the pool in the spring. Let’s take a look at the differences between each style of swimming pool safety cover as well as a hybrid version.

Mesh Covers Good points

When it comes to weight, a mesh safety cover is generally lighter than a solid cover, which makes it easier to place on the pool and take it off. Since the water seeps through the material, there’s no need to buy a pump to get rid of the accumulated water on top of it. This also saves quite a bit of time and energy when opening the pool. In addition, debris such as leaves and twigs usually blows off of the covers when they’re dry.

Bad points

If there is debris, leaves and dirt on the cover, it can actually end up in the pool when the rain, ice, and snow passes through the cover and drips into the water. Pool owners shouldn’t be surprised to find debris in the pool when they take the cover off. Also, if there is a lot of water in the pool when spring arrives you may need to pump some of it out to make sure there isn’t an overflow. A pool with a mesh cover usually needs a very thorough cleaning when opening it as dirt and debris will find their way to the bottom.

Mesh safety cover canada

Solid Covers Good points

The best thing about a solid safety cover is the fact the pool water remains relatively clean during the winter. The covers do a pretty good job of keeping leaves and other types of dirt and debris out of the pool.

Bad points

A solid cover typically weighs more than a mesh cover, making it more difficult to put on and off the pool. In addition, the water cover needs to be pumped off of the cover before it can be taken off. However, this can be simplified by using an automatic swimming pool cover pump which can be left on the cover for the entire winter.

Solid Safety Cover Canada

Hybrid Covers

Canadian pool owners can combine the best of both worlds if they utilize a hybrid safety cover. Some versions are made with two layers of mesh which filters the melting snow and ice better. This results in cleaner water in the spring as most of the dirt can’t seep through. In addition, tight solid covers can be used. These covers make it hard for water to collect on them and you may not have any water to pump off in the spring.

Which type is best for me?

The answer to this question basically depends on whether or not you want the rain, snow and ice to enter your pool. If you want to keep the water cleaner then you should go with a solid cover. Both types of covers are safe, but you should never walk on them. In addition, there is some maintenance involved with both types of covers. With a mesh cover, most of the work comes after you take it off and with a solid cover the work comes before removing it. For some people, the deciding factor will simply depend on the cost of the safety cover. Have a question about choosing the right safety cover for your swimming pool? has a variety of safety covers in stock.  We can also create a custom safety pool cover that will fit your pool like a glove.  Contact us here for more information and to speak to one of our pool cover experts.

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