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How To Remove Wrinkles From Your Pool Liner

Wrinkled Vinyl Pool Liner

As with people, wrinkles are often just a part of the aging process when it comes to swimming pool liners. However, they can usually be taken out of a pool liner with much more ease. There will be a bit of time and effort involved, but it’s worth trying to repair a pool liner before committing to buy a new one. It’s a good idea to remove the wrinkles soon after you notice them rather than waiting as they could be more difficult to get rid of over time. Below are some tips on how to remove wrinkles from your pool liner.

1-Fill the pool If the pool hasn’t been used for quite some time or if the water level is low it’s easier for wrinkles to form. It’s always better to keep the pool’s water level at the recommended height.

2-Walk over the wrinkles If the wrinkles are in the shallow end, you may want to try wearing a pair of soft-soled shoes and walk across them. The weight of your body may be enough to remove minor wrinkle problems.

3-Use a plunger A brand new toilet plunger can often work wonders on pool wrinkles. If you place the device on each side of the wrinkle and plunge it downwards to get a grip on the liner, you can then pull it upwards and the problem may disappear.

Wrinkled Pool Liner in Ontario Pool4-Heat the water

Wrinkles usually develop in colder water since the liner gets a little harder in cooler temperatures. Before attempting anything else, you may want to heat the pool water to approximately 92 degrees Fahrenheit to soften the liner. When it has softened, you can try to iron out the wrinkles with your feet, pool brush or plunger.

5-Drain the pool

Yes, we’ve recommended in the first tip that you should fill the pool, but in some instances you’ll need to do the opposite and drain the water from it. A pool usually needs to be drained when the wrinkles are severe and the other methods haven’t worked. When the pool is empty you can try to even out the liner by using a shop vac to suck them up and out. However, it’s important that the liner is kept wet when doing this. Also, be sure to vacuum the area between the frame and pool liner since the liner can be damaged if you vacuum directly on top of it.

6-Check for rips and leaks

Small leaks can often create wrinkles since the water gets underneath or behind the liner and forces it upwards. If you have a leak or rip in the liner it needs to be repaired as quickly as possible by patching it. Unfortunately, you may need to drain the pool to do this, depending on where the leak is.

7-Blow out the pool liner

If nothing else seems to work, you can attempt to blow out the liner after draining the pool. To do this, you will need to use a shop vac in the reverse mode. The hose should be placed between the pool’s liner and its frame and then turned on. The air will push the wrinkles from the liner. When the wrinkles have disappeared, you can suck out the excess air from under the liner by reversing the shop vac’s suction once again.

8-Get some professional help

If you aren’t having any luck getting rid of wrinkles in a pool liner you should seriously think about getting some professional help from a pool company. If the pool is drained numerous times for repair work the structure could be put at risk. In addition, your water bills will soar each time you refill the pool.

9-Replace pool liner

In some instances, the wrinkles won’t leave the pool liner no matter what you do. If that’s the case, you’ll just have to bite the bullet and replace the liner. It’s important that the liner is correctly installed so wrinkles don’t form soon after. This is another job where you may want to call a pool company for some professional assistance.

10-Don’t delay

Remember, the longer the wrinkles are left in the liner the harder they’ll be to take out. It’s recommended that you deal with the problem as soon as possible and don’t hesitate to call for professional help if you encounter any problems. Have questions about fixing your swimming pool liner or finding a replacement?  Contact the pool professionals at today to get your questions answered.

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