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Product Review: ePool Smart Water Monitor

Maintaining your pool’s water chemistry is a tedious, but unavoidable, aspect of pool ownership, necessary in order to keep your pool water clean and healthy. But what if you could monitor your pool’s water chemistry without actually having to go outside and manually check a water sample?

The ePool Smart Water Monitor is an innovative wireless system that monitors the pH, sanitizer level, and temperature of your pool or hot tub automatically. The system is composed of a sensor that floats in your pool water and a simple indoor receiver that connects to your computer. Here’s how it works: The floating sensor constantly detects the chemical levels in your pool water, and wirelessly transmits that information to the receiver. The receiver displays this information as a basic graph on your computer, showing your water’s pH, temperature and sanitizer levels, plus letting you know if these levels are within the ideal range. If your levels are out of range, the software tells you exactly what you need to do to bring your pool back into balance. This makes the ePool a particularly great tool for new pool owners, because it takes the guesswork out of determining what treatment is needed and how much of each chemical you should add.

Setting Up Your System

Setting up the whole system is easy. All you have to do is hook up the receiver to your computer and download the software. You personalize the software by imputing basic information about your pool or spa, including its type, its volume, as well as what types of sanitizer, pH increaser and pH reducer you use. Then you add batteries to the floating sensor, and put it your pool so it can get to work. The floating sensor has a three-part waterproof screw cap that keeps the battery compartment dry and protected.

Software Driven

As long as you keep the receiver connected to your computer, the ePool software will continue gathering and transmitting information about your pool water. You can check your pool’s chemistry anytime, day or night, with just a few clicks. This helps to keep your pool’s chemistry more stable over the long-term, preventing the spikes and dips in chemical levels that typically occur with sporadic manual chemical testing. The software stores a history of your pool’s chemical levels, so you can even compare the current levels to last week or last month. You can also set-up the software to send you notifications by email or text message, letting you know when it’s time to adjust your pool’s chemicals. The ePool works well with virtually all types of pools and hot tubs, including chlorine pools, mineral pools, as well as salt water pools and spas. It also comes with a free year of customer support and a life-time of software upgrades. Overall, ePool saves you money on chemicals and testing kits, plus reduces the time you need to spend on pool maintenance. It provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your pool water is safe for you and your family, while also giving you more time to enjoy it with them. Order your ePool Smart Water Monitor online today and take advantage of free shipping across Canada.

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