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Product Review: Aquabot Xtreme Robotic Pool Cleaner

Have you ever wished you could spend more time just swimming in your pool and less time maintaining it? The Aquabot Xtreme robotic pool cleaner is an easy-to-use machine that automatically cleans your pool for you. It’s designed to scrub, vacuum and filter your pool, using rotating scrubbing brushes that loosen build-up and remove debris.

Works in All Types of In-Ground Pools

The Aquabot Xtreme works in all types of in-ground pools, including L-shape, oval, round, lap, kidney and rectangle shapes, without becoming stuck on ladders and stairs like many other pool cleaners, with its Neverstuck SystemTM. The Aquabot’s G-ToothTM track system helps it get into your pool’s hidden corners and crevices, resulting in a completely thorough clean. This system also provides extra climbing traction, allowing partial wall cleaning while preventing abrasion.

Saves You Money in the Long Run

Filtering 4,500 gallons per hour, the Aquabot Xtreme requires an initial investment, but actually helps you save money over the long-term. Its quick cleaning time of 2-3 hours can significantly reduce your monthly energy bill. Designed to work on gunite, concrete, fibreglass and vinyl surfaces, the Aquabot’s reverse arc-turn movements and directional turning flotation prevent wasteful overlapping, reducing gradual wear and tear of your pool equipment caused by excessive cleaning. With its own pump, drive and microfiltration bag contained in its body, the Aquabot Xtreme is completely separate from your pool’s filtration system. This reduces the need to backwash your pool’s filter, minimizing your environmental impact.  The Aquabot Xtreme removes minuscule dirt, debris, algae and bacteria often missed by your pool’s main filtration system, making your swimming water even healthier for you and your family.

Easy To Use

In addition to saving you time and money, the Aquabot is very easy to use. It comes with a 4-hour fixed timer, so you don’t need to worry about remembering to turn it off when it’s finished cleaning. You also have the option of adding an external timer if your pool is larger or smaller than standard, requiring more or less cleaning time, respectively. You simply plug the Aquabot’s power supply into an outlet, submerge the Aquabot underwater and press the power button. There’s no need to deal with cumbersome hoses or vacuum poles. The Aquabot’s filtration bag is reusable, and durable enough to be washed with a hose, by hand in a bucket of water, or even in the washing machine. If you’re looking for a way to reduce the time you dedicate to pool care each week, then the Aquabot Xtreme could be the perfect solution for you. Have a question? Have a questions about robotic pool cleaners?  You can contact us here, we're happy to answer any questions. Discount Pool Supply is the online leader in swimming pool supplies in Canada.  We offer free shipping nationwide for hundreds of products.

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