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Pool Pumps 101: How To Determine The Proper Pump Run Time

If you're new to learning about swimming pools, it's important to know that your pool pump provides an important role in the operation of your swimming pool. It performs an array of functions. For example, when it comes to proper swimming pool maintenance your pool pump plays a major role in keeping the water in your pool crystal clear by continually circulating your pool water.

Determining the proper pump run time is just as essential. One rule of thumb is that the pump should have at least one turnover daily, but that doesn’t mean that it’s doing what it should. Factors to consider include your pool size, pump flow rate, amount of debris and contaminants that land in your pool, as well as whether you use solar panels. It is also important to note the purpose for pump run time when determining what’s proper.

As the weather gets warmer and the water temperature increases you will need more chlorine. Also consider how much debris and contaminants fall into your swimming pool and whether you use your pump to heat your pool when you add chlorine, since you will first need to make sure to add the proper amount of chlorine to reach your desired free chlorine levels. BBB pool owners may need a minimum of 30 minutes; however SWG pools will need more time.

Many pool professionals recommend that proper pump run time is around 4 hours for proper chlorination, circulation and cleaning. This is a good starting point; however depending on the type of pool pump you have you can run on a lower speed over 6-8 hours. If your equipment is capable of, you can even split the time to better your skimming results. You can play with the settings if 4 hours isn’t enough time. super_flo_vs_pentair Remember that pump run time will vary depending on events. It will need to be run more in circumstances like a new pool, opening your pool, or algae issues. Don’t forget your pump run time will not prevent algae, thereby do not reduce run time for preventative measures until pool is stabilized. If you’re an SWG pool owner, don’t forget to change the SWG % setting if you change the pump run time, or the weather increase and chlorine evaporates, to hit your free chlorine target. Now you have the knowledge you need to determine the proper pump time for your swimming pool, and can help with the rest. Get the latest in pool pumps and heat pumps in our online store.

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